Just You And Me

Hold Me In your Arms this Night,
I wanna die looking into your Eyes.
So beautiful, so fascinating would that be,
Sounds Though Like a Dream.
I never thought you would even Care,
But now I Know that you are gonna love me Forever.
I feel like expressing what i cannot,
Because in front of you, its Just not that easy.
The Fear to loose you kills me like anything,
My Strength changes into fear, and my joys into sorrows.
But I know it's gonna be just You and Me.....
Until The Day I Die.....

Tribute to The Legend Dev Anand Saab

Ek Zinda Dil Insaan...!!! Jisska dil 88 saal mein bhi jawaan tha...!!! He was'nt 88. He'd turn 22 for the 4th time...:) Woh Hamesha kehte the Life is too short...And he did'nt live, He celebrated his Life..!!! RIP Dev Anand Saab...Gr888 Respect For You..!!!

A Tribute To Dev Anand Saab Enjoy The Song And Its Lyrics by following the Link

Main Zindagi Ka Sath Nibhata Chala Gaya

I Need You

When i think of u,
I think of we could've been.
I want to be with u all my life!!
And to be out from under the knife.

I don't know how to tell u this,
But my luv is real.
I hope u see what i feel,
But if have i will kill

If u were an angel, god sent his best,
Because when i think of u can never rest.
I need u to see, i ask god                                           
"To take care of u instead of me"
All i wanted is for u to me give me chance,
U always see me catch a glance...

By- Robert Eguia

                   A Love For All Time 
                   Remembering the Old Days

The Tale Of Love

On my fading day, I may Sneak in, to throw a tale Of, what words cannot touch, And dreams can never say. Passing time of mine,
Shall sing the sweet tale out, Beg and cry, fall and fall To stay along, and survive proud. But only wish for the final day, My eyes can meet your innocence, Your warmth, and touch your silent play Which alone can bring the eternal essence, That even end could never slay...

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                 My Feelings For You are Growing..

I’m Waiting For You

See the stone
Set in your eyes
See the thorn
Twist in your side
I wait for you
Sleight of hand
And twist of fate
On a bed of nails

You makes me wait
And I wait without you
I can't live with or without you
I can't live with or without you
Through the storm
We reach the shore
You give it all
But I want more
And I'm waiting for you

Thousand Mile Wish

Thousand Mile Wish
Forgive me if now I wear the face of worry
This time alone could never cause any doubt
But I’ve been cold too long
Such a strange time to find myself coming down as the rain
With all the holes my love,
To fill up from the middle
This storm could stay all night
So can you stay until we close our eyes
Til your dreams hold mine
Just stay until we know we tried one more time
Cause laughing lovers can overcome their closest demons
And they’ll go on and they won’t let go
They saw something that they know
Has never come so close
Can it stay here for us, for now?
Can it stay until we know ourselves?
I’m torn as I tell
You’re the story that I know and fell from
I’m so far into your story I don’t know why
We think we’re in control
When we lie between the lines
We’ll find a line to follow
It’s got to show real soon
Or we’ll never reach this high
We climb a little further
Cause there’s nothing we can’t get around together
Further gets colder until nothing was all that I saw around
So we stay until the ground
That we can’t come down from splits us away
Maybe stars know why we fall
I just wish they were thinking out loud
Oh, I could wish all night

My Eyes Search For You

I see the world around,
my eyes admire the complete crowd,
that's all,
in search for the one, I can't found,,
because that's what for what I am bound....

I prayed APHRODITE , day and night,,,
for your fragrance and your sight,


Always to find you behind,
i prayed , were my biggest pride,

I met people beyond expectations,
But to whom my life expects....

Taaron Ke Us Paar

mere saath chalo, taaron ke us paar,
jaha ghar ho chhota sa, chhota sa sansar.
Mere saath chalo…..

Kuchh phool waha honge,
kuchh ped waha honge,
kahii koyal gayegi,
kahi mor waha nachenge,
waha khushiyan hi hongi,
waha har-dam hogi bahar,
mere saath chalo…..

Chokhat ke baahar hi, ek nadiya oochhalti he,
thode door hi kuchchh barf bhi girti he,
nazar jaha bhi jaye haryali hi dikhti he,
har taraf jaha dekho waha pyar barasta he,
har saathi khud me gum he, kisi aur se nahi sarokar.
Mere saath chalo…..

Your Love Will Stay

I want you to know that from the start,
Your name is engraved, in my heart.
If you don't believe it, should I show,
Maybe then for sure, you'll come to know.


Every beat, only makes it further grow,
It will stay there forever, with a glow,
Enlighten up my heart simply forever,
Your love will stay there, and leave never.

Gone Forever

Its been a long time since we've been together
How I wish i had known it earlier
That we cannot be together
Although I didn't expect it to be forever

Action speak louder than words....
How it hurts when you act cold towards me.
You seem to be too wrap up in your own world
Not caring enough to ask or bother to talk to me.


Maybe you just don't feel the way I feel into.
What we call " LOVE "
I guess I've expect things that wont really happen.
Fate doesn't really mean to put us thru...

I really missed the feeling of you being near... feeling secured!
Although it played a very memorable part that I'll always treasure,

I'm a stranger who enters in your life,
And a stranger I will go and leave you.

Words Hard To Be Spoken

Tis all about you,
what I observe from a deep view...

I always sought a "LOVE" in the eyes of yours,
and even that devotion forsure...

I wanna start my day with your sight,
I need you day and night..

I feel your voice, the frowage frail in my dejection,
I wanna you beside me through and through...


My ears are adopted for your eucophony,
luving the fragrance of our amity....

I deserve your "pride" and "adulation" for the bst i do,
and expect a "thrash and scolding" when wrong I go...

I wanna accompany you long and long'
to carry the life's luvly song..


Yet No One Listens

Two hearts and souls lost again
Slammed against the rocks of time and distance
No more to float to the heavens above
Our love cries yet no one listens

Our love has slowly drifted away
Drifting into an abyss which there is no return

Our love cries yet no one listens.
Once there was love, sweet as a summer rain

Now the scent of bitterness floats into the air
Smothering the sweet aroma of our love
Our love cries yet no one listens
As the darkness slowly creeps in

Covering the light that once shined bright with hope
Never to taste the sweetness of our love
Our love cries yet no one listens
A fleeting dream that slowly slips away,

Disappearing into the darkness of the abyss
The heart breaks once more,
Torn from the chest and devoured by the darkness
Never to rise again from the ashes of despair and loneliness
Our love cries yet no one listens

शुभ दीपावली


दीपक एक जलाना साथी
गुमसुम बैठ न जाना साथी!
दीपक एक जलाना साथी!!
सघन कालिमा जाल बिछाए
द्वार-देहरी नज़र न आए
घर की राह दिखाना साथी!
दीपक एक जलाना साथी
घर औ' बाहर लीप-पोतकर
कोने-आंतर झाड़-झूड़कर
मन का मैल छुड़ाना साथी!
दीपक एक जलाना साथी!!
एक हमारा, एक तुम्हारा
दीप जले, चमके चौबारा
मिल-जुल पर्व मनाना साथी!
दीपक एक जलाना साथी!!
आ सकता है कोई झोंका
क्योंकि हवा को किसने रोका?
दोनों हाथ लगाना साथी!
दीपक एक जलाना साथी!
शुभ दीपावली…

Find someone...
..who is not afraid to admit that they miss you..
who knows that you are not perfect, but treats you as if you are one.
whose biggest fear is losing you.
who says "I Love You" and means it.
Lastly, someone you would not mind waking up every morning, seeing your wrinkles and gray hair but still falls in love with you all over again..


Now I am the sea and you are the cloud. Please rain on me and fill me more.


Love is like a flower.. once you water it; it will live.. and as soon as you stop watering it it will last for few days or even weeks but it will die at the end..


There are mysteries about our love. Things that neither one of us may ever understand because love is an emotion without limit and understanding. We know we love each other but we could never explain completely as why we love each other. Love is not a clock. You simply cannot take it apart just to see what makes it tick, and even if you could, you probably could never get it back together again....


Love is something wonderful, it nears to the divine ,it is something man 'nor beast can hate, 'nor yet can thy define. Oh' sweet and mystic words of love, so gentle, and so dear, they penetrate the soul of man, so that his heart may hear...

Khwab Aapka…

Din mein khayal aur rat ko khwab apka...
ap ho meri chandni aur main mehtab apka...,,,

Tanhe na chode mjhe yadein apki,
kabool hai ye tohfa nayab apka....,,,

Dil toh krta hai k rho hamesha pass apke,
kya is kadar rehta hai dil betaab apka?

mjhe duniya wale diwana kehte hai,
ye b diya hua hai khitab apka..,,

umeed na thi jitna pyar mila apse,
kaise chukye gary ehsaan jaanb apka.........

Din mein khayal aur rat ko khwab apka.............................

Meaningless Words

He devourers my soul; my heart, my mind
I’m defenceless & weak almost all the time
The words I say are meaningless to him
He wants more but will I give in?
I love him more than words can say
He means more to me each & everyday
I’m exhausted from thinking about him; I’m confused
When I’m not with him & I’m weak when I’m around him

The words I say mean nothing at all
They are useless whenever I say them aloud but in
My heart every word matters; every word means the world but to the world or at least to my world they mean nothing
Clarity appears in my mind & finally I see the truth
My words are meaningful but he still wants more he needs more
Can I give him more?
I want to show him how I feel maybe then hell see it’s real
When he can feel me close to his heart; Me on his skin;
In his arms
Maybe then he’ll see how much he truly means to me

The Reason


You are the reason for the smile that always seems to be on my face;
You are the reason for the sparkle that always seems to be in my eyes;
You are the reason for the laughter that always seems to be in my voice;
You are the reason for the mornings and nights that always seem to be perfect;
You are the reason for the sound of your voice that always seems to bring peace to my crazy mixed up life;
You are the reason for the heart beat in my chest that always seems to speed into over drive with the slightest touch of your hand;
My sweetheart, you are the reason for the terrific feelings of life, love trust and completeness that always seems to fill my heart, body and soul. Every hour, minute, and second of everyday…..

I will keep on falling in love with you for the rest of my life because of who you are and the indescribable beauty and love within you…


The beauty of your love has filled my heart with wonders beyond imagination and it makes life worth a living.


If God grants me a second chance at rebirth, but with only one wish, I'd so searching' for you all over again.


To understand true love, you have to know the true principals of loving someone by having these within you and within your heart: admiration, adoration, appreciation, assurance, being true to self, delightfulness, desire, devotion, feeling, fondness, giving undivided attention, honour, loyalty, passion, regard, respect, reverence, romance, understanding, warmth, and first and foremost love.


Love is nothing but the purest connection between two hearts.

Nazariya zindagi ka

Nazariya zindagi ka saral bana kar dekho ;
jaati aur dharm nahi , vyakti ka bas dil dekho .
jo dikh raha hai , door se , safed patthar - saa ;
kya pata mom ho , tum pyaar se chhukar dekho .
kisi ki aankh se dil tak agar pahunchna ho ;
apni dhun me barho , mat meel ke patthar dekho .
kisi ki nazre - inaayat nahi hoti yun hi ;
khud ki aukaat bhi uske mukaable dekho .
teri hi raar thani rahti kyon aajoo - baajoo;
kabhi fursat mile to khud se jhagad kar dekho .

safal logo ko dekh kar kabhi kunthit na bano ;
phool ke neeche chhupa kaanto ka bistar dekho .
kohinoor aasma se khud - ba - khud baraste nahi ;
khaan me ghus ke kabhi khaak chhaan kar dekho .
jab talak pankh hai naazuk , udaan chhoti bharo ;
khwaab ko tum kayi kishto me baat kar dekho .
chuk gaya maan , boodhe pedon se doori na karo ;
na sahi fal , mahaz saaya sukoon lekar dekho .
jahaan ki sabse umda gazal jab parhna chaaho ;
bhar ke mahboob ko baahon me , aankh me dekho …


By- Dr. Rakesh Shrivastava

If I Were A Book

If I were a book
You would be my title
You'd be on every page
described by loving words

Like your beautiful eyes
I would be a book about
Your hugs, Your kisses
And every part of you

If I were a book
You would be my topic

Every word, every sentence
Based on your love here

Like your sparkling smile
I would be a book about
Your touch, your taste
And every part of you

So if I were a book
Your beauty would be expressed
Through the most loving words
designed just for you.

I'm Missing You Like Crazy

I'm missing you like crazy,
And my loneliness is soaring high,
Would give anything to be with you,
How I badly wish that I could fly.

The seas have come now between us,
All I do, is wait for your call,
You've gone for only sometime though,
But taken from me, life with it all.

I miss how we used to talk and share,
How for long, we would cuddle and play,
missing you

Tired, you would throw yourself to bed,
Then in my arms, asleep, you would lay.

I miss how we held hands and walked,
How for long, we did things for fun,
Under the moonlight, we would just lay,
And then on the beach we would run.

I can clearly hear your heart cry,
Telling me that you're feeling blue,
With this bond that we share between us,
I'm sure that you hear mine too.

Tera chehra


Ankhon ke ansoo tham jaye to gir jaye kabhi,
par dil ke ansoo behte hi jaye,
teri yadein aur baatein yaad aye to dhul jaye kabhi,
teri ankhein aur tera chehra hum kaise bhul jaye.
Tera chehra jo bhul jaye, uski ankhon me kharabi hein,
log karte hein teri tarifein jaise karte sharabi hein,
meri baato ko unsoona kar chali na jana,
tere ashiko ki bhid me ek chehra mera bhi hein….

I have tried to move on but with every girl I feel more and more like I will never be able to replace you. And the sad thing is...I know I have already been replaced...


I love you more than you can know...I need you more than you will ever know...I care for you more that anyone you know. But you will never know that unless you give me a chance.


I just saw you, and you looked amazing.
I wanted to talk to you; I wanted you to want to talk to me too.
I wanted it to be like old times, but I realized those days are over and you've moved on...


Time is too slow for those who wait,
too swift for those who fear,
too long for those who grieve,
too short for those who rejoice,
but for those who love, time is eternity.


Kindness in words creates confidence,
Kindness in thinking creates profoundness,
Kindness in giving creates love....

Slow Tears

I look up
as a tear rolls slowly
down my cheek
I think about better days
and wonder if I'll feel that way again
you look at me
with those eyes I know so well
always serious, so deep and insightful
as though you're always in control
But not today
not now
Now you look so scared
like for once you don't have the answer

I gaze at you
looking deep into those hazel eyes
Hoping to understand
why you've said those things you did
I wonder for a moment
if this is all a dream
if I shall wake in the morning
and be relieved
you look at me
with a confusion I have never seen
slowly pull me towards you
and wipe the tears from my cheek

Passion's Flames

A touch, soft and tender.
A whisper, full of desire
A gasp of sweet surrender
As passion fuels the fire

No words spoken between them
No promises to be kept
No lies being told tonight
No looking back - no regrets

Longing to hold each other
Such precious little time
Both vowed to another
Being lonely their only crime

Tomorrow bringing sorrow
A brief moment of shame
With the memory of this one night
A release from passion's flames

Tere Bin Me Dekhu Na Subah- Dil To Baccha hai Ji

Tere bin mein dekhun na subah
Nigaahon se yeh vaada kar
Tere bin mein dekhun na subah
Nigaahon se abhi yehvaada kar
Tere bin ho chalna bhi saza
Ki raahon se abhi, yeh vaada kar
Suno yehi jazbaat hai mera
Yeh dil kahe ki khwaishein jeenay ki saath hain tere
Tere bin ho saason se juda
hawaaon se abhi, yeh vaada kar liya
tere bin mein dekhun na subah
Nigaahon se abhi, yeh vaada kar liya
Tu woh zameen jis pe maine toh apni yeh duniya basaayi hai
Mein bin tere ab kaha jaunga
Tu aasra hai mera, main toh jeeta hoon tere bharose pe
Main bin tere ab na jee paunga
Meri toh ye har baat tukhse hai
Tuhi meri hai dhoop aur meri barsaat tujhse hai
tere bin na barse yeh ghata
Ghataaon se abhi, yeh vaada kar liya
Tere bin mein dekhun na subah
Nigaahon se abhi, yeh vaada kar liya
Jo haath mein ho tera haath toh yeh lakeerein dhadakti hain
Tu ho judaa sab thama sa lagey
Jo tu mere paas hai toh yakeen apne hone pe hota hai
Tu ho juda sab guma sa lagey
Haan tu meri aadat mein shaamil hai
Mere liye main sach kahoon tu ibadaat ke kabil hai
Tere bin na puri ho dua
Duaon se abhi, yeh vaada kar liya
Tere bin mein dekhun na subah
Nigaahon se abhi, yeh vaada kar liya.

Dhoop sab pee ke sanvar jaao

Dhoop sab pee ke sanvar jaao chaandni ki tarah ;
umr barh jaayegi , lamhe jiyo sadiyon ki tarah .
vakt jyaada nahi hai naap lo oonchaaee ko ;
foot jaaoge kisi roj bulbule ki tarah .
haar mat maano pattharo se joojhte hi raho ;
chhaap unpe bhi padegi kabhi rassi ki tarah .
apni dhun me akele hi barho manzil ki taraf ;

koee roke agar ban jaao kaaphile ki tarah .
saath keechad ka mile tab bhi kamal ban ke raho ;
andhere cheer ke barh jaao raushni ki tarah .
been lo moti samandar ki talhati tak se ;
ilm paana hai to jut jaao tishnagi ki tarah .
tujh se zarre ko koee aandhi aasma degi ;
kaam jab jo karo , bas karo ibaadat ki tarah .
phool khilte hain to murjhaana hi padta hai unhe ;
maut se pahle bikhar jaao tum khushboo ki tarah …..

Writer  Name- Dr. Rakesh Srivasthava


Deep in love
cheek leaning on cheek we talked
of whatever cane to our minds
just as it came
slowly oh
with our arms twined
tightly around us
and the houses passed and we
did not know it
still talking when
the night was gone…
Quote of The Day:
Be certain in the religion of Love
There are no believers or unbelievers…
Love embraces all.....


> "True love never dies for it is lust that fades away. Love bonds for a lifetime but lust just pushes away."

> " I seem to have loved you in numberless forms, numberless times,
in life after life, in age after age forever."

> Time is too slow for those who wait,
too swift for those who fear,
too long for those who grieve,
too short for those who rejoice,
but for those who love, time is eternity.

> A true lover is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.

To Love is to Risk
Not Being Loved In Return,
To Hope Is to Risk Pain,
To Try Is to Risk Failure....
But Risk Must Be Taken
Because the Greatest Hazard
in Life Is To Risk Nothing…

Life Is So Lonely

Why is my life so lonely

Seems like everybody i love or

get too close

leaves me…

Who cares about the quiet girl back there

Who hears her when she pleads for help

There is no one to just listen

Just tell her she matters

upset boy

Does anyone care that thoughts of leaving this earth

confuse her mind daily?

Cutting her, hurting her,

After that who knows

How does she hide it so well when everyone claims to know her

better then she knows herself

if that’s the case then how could u not see this coming

or did u ever even care???

You Picked Me

You picked me up from the ground

showed me your love

helped me understand my life

You showed me the different world

You loved me with all your heart

You love me when I am mad


You love me was I am sad

You love me when I cry

You love me when I lost my mind

and have no idea who I am

I know you love me,

you love me with all your heart

and for that I want to thank you

from the bottom of my heart.

I think back in time

I think back in time,
Where we had fun.
I thought it was a time,
But i still don't know.
I think of you,
All day long.
I love you, do you love me too?
I don't think so,
But i do hope!
guy alone

I hoped you would never go,
But you did.
Loved it, your smile,
Your looks, your hair.
I would even walk a mile
Just to find you standing there.
I'm thinking of you,
I really love you!

Thinking of You Far Away...

Thinking of you today what great joy you bring,
You're so beautiful like a fresh Tulip in spring.
Oh What warmth you bring my heart,
Miss you so much when we are apart.
I think of you every night and day,
Would like to be with you now if there was a way!
Oh how my heart aches when I cannot see you,
Tears roll down my cheeks like morning dew.
Winter has passed and spring has arrived,

Two months of your LOVE have I been deprived.
Missing your presence in every way,
I LOVE YOU so much what more can I say.
Though these days our eyes do not meet,
Thinking of you still makes my heart beat.
Far you may be like a lost fallen feather,
But close are our heats will always be together.
Times are hard now but soon it will pass,
Then I will be able to see you again at last.
Everything then will be as smooth as butter,
You and I will have our "Happily ever after!"
Thinking of you what great joy you bring,
Your smile like the warm sunshine in spring.


Me do pal chalta, ek pal rukta,.. per ek pal zindgi mujhse chaar kadam age nikal jati.

Me fir do kadam chalta, aur ek pal rukta, zindgi fir mujhse chaar kadam age nikal jati.

Yun hi zindgi ko jeet ta dekh, me muskurata aur…. Zindgi meri muskarahat pe hairan hoti.

Ye silsila yuhi chalta rehta, fir ek din mujhe hasta dekh ek sitare ne mujhse pucha?

Tum haar kar bhi muskurate ho?


Kya tumhe dukh nhe hota haar ka?

Tab me bas itna hi keh paya— mujhe pata hai aisi sarhad aegi, jahan se zindgi chaar kadam to kya ek kadam bhi age nhe bad paegi.

Tab zindgi mera intzar karegi… aur me tab bhi yuhi chalta, rukta, apni rafter se, apni dhun me wahan pahuchunga….. ek pal ruk kar zindgi ko dekh kar muskuraunga….

Beete safar ko ek nazar dekh apne kadam fir badaunga.

Zindagi meri Haar pe bhi na muskura payi thi, aur Jeet pe bhi na muskura payegi.. Aur me apni Haar pe bhi muskuraya aur Jeet pe bhi muskuraunga.. Theek usi pal me Zindgi se jeet jaunga... :)

I'll hold you in my heart

I tried to tell you I love you
but the words were hard to find.
I'm always thinking about you
you're the only one on my mind.
Oh why do I act so shy forever hiding my face
I should learn to laugh and not to cry put yourself in my place.
There were times I tried to kiss you but something told me no.
You wanted me to hold you but I
kept letting you go.

I'm afraid that I am not the guy
you've searched for all these years.
I will kindly leave now don't you cry
try to hold back your tears.
It's been so long I haven't seen you
for quite awhile
When I think of how we me met it only
brings back your smile.
I remember when I held you then and
told you we'd never part
I loved you then I love you now and
I'll hold you in my heart. ....


Breathless- Shankar Mahadevan (With Lyrics)

HellO FoLks Check Out this Old Still Evergreen Creation

by Javed Akhtar and sung by Shankar Mahadevan, along with Lyrics Just For You All…

Koi jo mila to mujhe aisa lagta tha
jaise meri saari duniya main geeton ki rut
aur rangon ki barkha hai khushbu ki aakdhi hai
mahki hui si ab saari fizaayen hain
bahki hui si ab saari hawaayen hain
khoyi hui si ab saari dishaayen hain
badli hui se ab saari adaayen hain
jaagi ummengein hain, dhadak raha ahi dil
saason main toofaan hain, hoton pe nagme hain
aakhon main sapne hain, sapnon main beete hue saare vo lamhe hain
jab koi aaya tha, nazron pe chhaya tha
dil main samaya tha, kaise main bataun tumhe
kaise use paaya tha, pyaare se chehre pe bikhri jo julphen
to aisa lagta tha jaise kohre ke peechhe
ek os main dhula hua phool khila hai jaise
badal main ik chaand chhupa hai
aur jhaank raha hai jaise raat ke parde main
ek savera hai roshan roshan aakhon main
sapnon ka saagar jismain prem sitaron ki chaadar
jaise jhalak rahi hai
lahron lahron baat kare to jaise moti barse
jaise kahin chandi ki payal goonjey
jaise kahin sheeshe main jaam girey
aur chhann se tootey jaise koi chhip ke sitaar bajaye
jaise koi chaandni raat main gaye
jaise koi hole se paas bulaye
kaisi meethi baatain thee
vo kaisi mulakaatein thee
vo jab maine jaana tha
nazron se kaise pighalte hain dil
aur aarzoo paati hai kaise manzil
aur kaise utarta hai chaand jameen par
kaise kabhi lagta hai swarg agar hai
to bas hai yahin par
usne banaya mujhe, aur samjhaya mujhe
hum jo mile hain, hamain aise hi milna tha
gul jo khile hain, unhe aise hi khilna tha
janmo ke bandhan, janmo ke rishtey hain
jab bhi hum janme to hum yahin milte hain
kaanon main mere jaise, shahed sa ghulne lage
khwaabon ke dar jaise aakhon main khulne lage
khwaabon ki duniya bhi kitni haseen aur
kaisi rangeen thee khwaabon ki duniya
jo kahne ko thee par kahin bhi nahi thee
khwaab jo toote mere, aakh jo khuli meri
hosh jo aaya mujhe
maine dekha maine jaana
vo jo kabhi aaya tha, nazron pe chhaya tha
dil main samaya tha, ja bhi chuka hai
aur dil mera ab hai tanha tanha
na to koi armaan hai, na koi tamanna hai
aur na koi sapna hai
ab jo mere din aur ab jo meri ratain hain
unmain sirf aansoon hain
unmain seif dard ki ranj ki batain hain
aur pharyaadein hain
mera ab bhi koi nahi main hoon aur khoye
hue pyaar ki yaadein hain (3)

Love Will Live Forever

I could walk a thousand miles,
Just to see your perfect smiles.
Although I see what they don't,
They are missing what I w'ont.
My love will always stay pure and clear,
For your the one I do not fear.
Forever and always I'll stay strong,
For you my dear you are my bond.
Through clouds above and stars beyond,
My love, the thing I'm always fond,
Will stick with you forever end,
Our heart and soul will always blend.
While people might think were playing pretend
We will stand to defend
Your in my mind your in my heart,
Nothing can ever break us apart.

Combined as one,
Our life, Our Love
Will Love Forever.

Flame In My Heart

Your eyes are blue and sparkling like the deepest of seas. 
Your presence, like a sweet, summer breeze.
Your hair is glimmering and golden like sun rays.
Oh how you manage to brighten up my days.
Your nose is beautiful; big and round,
Oh what a wonderful person I have found!
Your lips are smooth and are well formed,
The whole of your body is perfectly adorned. 
Your laughter is like ripples of energy,
That caresses and moves right through me.
Your voice carries the blessing gift of music,
Soft and inviting with a warmth in it.
The smile that i see on Your face everyday,
Fills me with joy and makes me proud and gay.

You have brought a peace upon my soul
And have planted a flame in my heart.
You are the masterpiece of the universe,
And... I Love You.

Whispers Of The Night

Listen To The Winds Soft Cry
Of A Lady Singing Her Lullaby
Whispers Of The Night So Long
Wishing For That Famous Love Song

You Are My Light
When Darkness Falls
Solitude Horse Night-243554

You Are My Sight
In My Darkened Halls

Hear The Joy Of An Angel's Glee
When The People Around Her Now See
With Eyes So Clear And Pure
All Now Really Can Be Sure

You Are Poetry

You come outside
To view the faint sunset
Light bewildered by trees
Shines through quietly
You glide your soft auburn hair
Perched behind your ear
And in this moment I feel at home
Beneath the interior
About Love
You are my humble abode...
Your company is soothing
Calming and reassuring
Inside, the wind chimes ring
You saunter and my hearts sings
Bit by bit I begin to recognize
The enchanting glow in your subtle eyes
Hidden in all abstract paintings
It’s you; what all artists see
You are poetry...

A Love For All Time

Breathless kisses
Burning touches
Soft-spoken words of love
Urgently spoken words of passion.
A man and a woman
One complete love
Since time began
Predestined to be as one.
We've been together before
In other lifetimes
We've fought dragons
And have been torn from each others arms
Yet our love prevailed.
We've walked on this earth many times together
Perhaps for a moment
Perhaps for years
But our heart is one heart
And we were meant to be.
So when our time on earth
Once again comes to a close
Have no worries my dear
For we will find each other again
And again
And again.
For our love is ageless
A love for all time.

A Special World

A special world for you and me
A special bond one cannot see
It wraps us up in its cocoon
And holds us fiercely in its womb.
Its fingers spread like fine spun gold
Gently nestling us to the fold
Like silken thread it holds us fast
Bonds like this are meant to last.
And though at times a thread may break
A new one forms in its wake
To bind us closer and keep us strong
In a special world, where we belong….

When we two parted

When we two parted
In silence and tears,
Half broken-hearted,
To sever for years,
Pale grew thy cheek and cold,
Colder thy kiss;
Truly that hour foretold
Sorrow to this.

The dew of the morning
Sank chill on my brow
It felt like the warning
Of what I feel now.
Thy vows are all broken,
And light is thy fame:
I hear thy name spoken,
And share in its shame.
Leaving girl boy rethink this

They name thee before me,
A knell to mine ear;
A shudder comes o'er me
Why wert thou so dear?
They know not I knew thee,
Who knew thee too well:
Long, long shall I rue thee
Too deeply to tell.

In secret we met
In silence I grieve
That thy heart could forget,
Thy spirit deceive.
If I should meet thee
After long years,
How should I greet thee?
With silence and tears.

When we two are parted
Lord Byron

First Look……..

I loved to roam in nature,
I love to see His all creature,
The mountain, the birds, the falls,
the lush green fields, the every adventure,
One day, I passed by a rushing stream,
I looked a fantasy like my dream,
She was enjoying the flowing water,
Her face was a beaming like crème,
I thought we are made for each other,
but i realized, no, i was mad for her,
she was my destination, my dream,
I was waiting for her like a traitor,
Soon I got to know , she was just a fantasy,
In reality nothing was happened like my imaginary courtesy,
I was mad to see her first sight, but she was not moved,
She left me and went away to quench her ever thirsty fantasy….

What is Love?

The question is: what is love?

"[Love is] Indescribable. [Al]though love flows from deep within your heart, you don't know where it comes from or where it's going. It's formless. You can't hold onto it nor can you get rid of it. Even the most beautiful of poetry only depicts the elementary of love, but not the true meaning of it. If you can grasp hold of it, then it's no longer love. Don't you get it? You'll understand the true significance of love only after you've lost it. When you go up against the whole world out of fear of losing it, when you realize that without love your world has no meaning, when she runs into the arms of another man, and you want to turn the world into a living hell in your rage, then from the ashes of agony will you experience the meaning of love."
-A Chinese Ghost Story, 2003

My thoughts: "Finally, someone have found the perfect words.
In less than a paragraph but more than a quote, someone have found love's definition."

When I saw this lesson/lecture/conversation, I was deeply moved. We, as part of being a living human, had all wished for love at one point in time. While some were lucky to have found love and kept it safe, others were not so lucky. They found love only to have lost it all over again, and then they believed that love is cruel. Yet, they don't understand that it is simply their experienced pain that will determined true love. I know that a person's first love will always be the most painful, the deepest, and the most unforgettable experience, but there will come a time when it will all be worth it. A person's first love does not necessarily have to be a person's last love. Yes, the first one will always hurt the most, but the last one will heal that wound and make it a 100x better. A person's first love may or may not be forever, but do keep in mind that as long as a person have found their last love, then forever that love shall last. Thus, never lose hope in love. Love is an unknown force; it can strike you anytime it want. So if you ever feel like you will never be able to find love, then stop and let love find you instead. It might take a while but it will be worth the wait in the end, correct? :)

You've touched my life so deeply

I sit here, staring at this blank page
Not knowing how to talk to you.
My head is screaming but my heart is silent.
You don't know the power you have over me.
You've touched my life so deeply.

How could we have been so ignorant... 
Not to realize how much we mean to each other?
We told each other what we see in each other
What we've been looking for so long.
But you still don't know how much you mean.
You've touched my life so deeply.
How did you let me go on believing
That you don't love me back?
So you tell me you love me, and now
You want me to meet your Husband?

How could you do this to me?
You've touched my life so deeply.

I know now that when you say "hello"
What you really mean is "I love you"
And after loving you for so long, 
Knowing that you love me means so much, 
But you love somebody else.  
Touch him as you've touched me.

R A I N D R O P S…

I look up at the sky
The rain plunging to my face
It feels like tears are captivating over me
As I wonder where you are

It wasn't long ago
That we stood here
Watching the raindrops plunge to our faces
While each drop gently fell over us
You would be smiling and laughing
I remember your love
Your joy for life
So full of energy and strength


Now that's all been swept away
As you left me motionless
Without a good-bye
This used to be our special place
When the angels would come out
Just to hear us play
The forceful energy of ecstasy that we always brought
Is no longer within you or, me I assume
Now I'm standing out here in isolation
Thinking about you

What we once had
All alone in the middle of the rain
I can't help but think
If you were still here
What would our lives be like
Rain and Traffic
The rain has suddenly stopped
Without an explanation
All the birds have come out
To chirp a graceful song
It's so peaceful
As the wind blows
Through my hair
I feel so helpless
That I have to look beyond
And look upon
At everything we once had

Now this long lost love
Has gone away
To a special place
For, I no longer belong there
With her…

Love and Friendship…

Love is like the wild rose-briar,
Friendship like the holly-tree
The holly is dark when the rose-briar blooms
But which will bloom most constantly?

The wild-rose briar is sweet in the spring,
Its summer blossoms scent the air;

Yet wait till winter comes again
And who will call the wild-briar fair?

Then scorn the silly rose-wreath now
And deck thee with the holly's sheen,
That when December blights thy brow
He may still leave thy garland green.

To A Husband

This is to the crown and blessing of my life,
The much loved husband of a happy wife;
To him whose constant passion found the art
To win a stubborn and ungrateful heart,
And to the world by tenderest proof discovers
They err, who say that husbands can't be lovers.
With such return of passion, as is due,

Daphnis I love, Daphnis my thoughts pursue;
Daphnis, my hopes and joys are bounded all in you.
Even I, for Daphnis' and my promise' sake,
What I in woman censure, undertake.
But this from love, not vanity proceeds;
You know who writes, and I who 'tis that reads.
Judge not my passion by my want of skill:
Many love well, though they express it ill;
And I your censure could with pleasure bear,
Would you but soon return, and speak it here.

To A Husband
Anne Finch

To My Wife…

I can write no stately proem
As a prelude to my lay;
From a poet to a poem
I would dare to say.
For if of these fallen petals
One to you seem fair,
Love will waft it till it settles
On your hair.

And when wind and winter harden
All the loveless land,
It will whisper of the garden,
You will understand.
And there is nothing left to do
But to kiss once again, and part,
Nay, there is nothing we should rue,
I have my beauty,-you your Art,
Nay, do not start,
One world was not enough for two
Like me and you.

Poetry By Oscar Wilde

Tears, Idle Tears…

Tears, idle tears, I know not what they mean,
Tears from the depth of some divine despair
Rise in the heart, and gather to the eyes,
In looking on the happy Autumn-fields,
And thinking of the days that are no more.

Fresh as the first beam glittering on a sail,
That brings our friends up from the underworld,
Sad as the last which reddens over one
That sinks with all we love below the verge;
So sad, so fresh, the days that are no more.

Ah, sad and strange as in dark summer dawns
The earliest pipe of half-awakened birds
To dying ears, when unto dying eyes
The casement slowly grows a glimmering square;
So sad, so strange, the days that are no more.

Dear as remembered kisses after death,
And sweet as those by hopeless fancy feigned
On lips that are for others; deep as love,
Deep as first love, and wild with all regret;
O Death in Life, the days that are no more!

A Poem by Alfred, Lord Tennyson ( 1809–1892)

Forget Not Yet

Forget not yet the tried intent
Of such a truth as I have meant
My great travail so gladly spent
Forget not yet.

Forget not yet when first began
The weary life ye knew, since when
The suit, the service, none tell can,
Forget not yet.

Forget not yet the great assays,
The cruel wrongs, the scornful ways,

The painful patience in denays
Forget not yet.

Forget not yet, forget not this,
How long ago hath been, and is,
The mind that never means amiss;
Forget not yet.

Forget not yet thine own approved,
The which so long hath thee so loved,
Whose steadfast faith yet never moved,
Forget not this.

Forever and Always…

When I'm with you,
eternity is a step away,
My love continues to grow
with each passing day.
This treasure of love,
I cherish within my soul,
How much I love you...
you'll never really know.
You bring a joy to my heart
I've never felt before,
With each touch of your hand
I love you more and more.
Whenever we say good-bye,
whenever we part,
Know I hold you dearly
deep inside my heart.
So these seven words
I pray you hold true,
"Forever And Always
I Will Love You"

You Are My Sunshine…

You Are My Sunshine,
My only sunshine.
You make me happy
When skies are grey.
You'll never know, dear,
How much I love you.
Please don't take my sunshine away
The other night, dear,
As I lay sleeping
I dreamed I held you in my arms.
When I awoke, dear,
I was mistaken
And I hung my head and cried…

Finding Love…

I wanted a mansion once... that is until I met you,
Now the only place I want to live is inside your heart
I once desired diamonds... until I met you,
Now the only sparkle I need comes from within
I used to crave the finest clothing... until I met you,
Now I want not a single thread to separate our bodies
I once coveted a fancy car... until I met you,
Now I want nothing that would put miles between us
I once prayed for money... until I met you,
Now I want none of the things money can buy
I once yearned for a sense of security... until I met you,
Now my only security comes is knowing you are near
I once dreamt of a prestigious job... until I met you,
Now I find my success in knowing that you are happy
I once asked for the world on a silver platter... until I met you,
Now you are my world and I want for nothing but your touch
Loving you has been my teacher; you taught me not to want
Being with you has been my discovery; you are all that I need
Finding you has been my salvation, I now understand grateful
But perhaps most importantly ...
Your love in return has been my everything….

Tips for Making a Stubborn Man Fall in Love

Stubborn?  There is no stubborn man who can resist a determined lady. If your man is stubborn, then you better give him a one-two punch that will sweep him off his feet.
1.      > Stomach is still their weak point. If you are looking at learning the gourmet menu, you are mistaken. You do not need to learn that, you can just drop by at certain days with a pizza in hand just to “hang out” with him. However, if the day is reserved for “the boys”, do not stick your nose and stay. At times, you can also drop a nice bag of his favorite chips by his office.
2.       >Personalize his gifts. Gifts are rarely a direct way to his heart, but it is often a long way towards it. If he has a collection, you can try to check some collection items for him. If he is into sports, you can secure two front row tickets but give him an option who he wants to go with.
3.       >Know his friends. This comes with a little warning; do not get too friendly with his friends. Just knowing his friends is enough but hanging out often with them might give you a problem. Leave a good impression with his friends because they are the “advisers”.
4.       >Let him teach you. Most men are eager teachers; they like to share what they are great at. Even if it seems as simple as a changing the light bulb or as complex as building a computer, it would be great to let them “teach” you.
5.       >Learn timing. Timing is everything, that is not only applicable to comedy but in almost every single affair. If it is a bad time, do not push.
6.     >  Understand what ticks him off. Knowing this means lessening the time, you would accidentally push the wrong button.
7.       >Do not make yourself too available. Sometimes when a person is too available, they are taken for granted. This would cause their efforts to be unnoticed. Stubborn guys tend to look the other way while you are trying to make them look your way. So give him time to realize your presence.
8.      > Love yourself. Dignity is a stubborn guy’s pride; if you do not have dignity for yourself they are not likely to fall for you.

The Best Way to Tell if a Boy is Really in Love With You, or He’s Just Saying it Because You Did

Isn’t love strange sometimes? It’s hard to tell up from down or hot from cold when it comes to love
and men. It seems like we try so hard sometimes to make our men happy, but then we end up getting
disappointed right? There are men out there ladies that are quite grand too, it’s finding them that is
the hard part. Figuring out whether a boy is really into us is one of the most difficult, agonizing, and
stressful times when being in, or starting a relationship. Some men can be so distant and shy, but
others can be suffocating. How do you tell if a boy really loves you, or if he’s just saying the three
little words because you are?
In my opinion, a woman just knows when she found a man that actually adores her. Where did you
meet this fellow? How did you meet this fellow? If you met in a night club and he offered you drinks
the whole night my guess is that he is out to have a good time. If you met through a mutual friend
who was having a relaxed dinner party that night, and you got to talk and laugh and get to know
each other, as well as exchange phone numbers, that is a different story. Either way, if the man you
are interested in is also crazy about you, he will make it known one way or another. He will call you
and invite you on another date, or he will have something very nice planned for you just to be able to
see you smile. If he is still interested in you, he will find a way to stay in contact with you over the
next couple of weeks, if not plan to see you several times. Now is when you may know whether or
not your relationship will get deeper and more serious.
You can tell in a man’s voice whether he is happy to be talking to you on the phone, and you can tell
by a man’s facial expressions when you are face to face. If he sounds excited, happy, and can’t wait
to see you, or even says “love you” before saying goodbye, that’s a pre love term meaning he most
likely will say “ I Love You” very soon. When you are face to face and he is looking at you straight
in the eyes when you are talking to him, that means that he is interested in what you are saying and
that he cares. When men can’t even keep eye contact or tend to change the subject to football that is
a red flag.
If you’ve been with the same man for several months and you have both been saying the “L” word,
how do you feel when he says it to you? Do you feel like it’s repetitive? He’s always said it in the
morning, on the phone, and at bedtime, so that’s when he’s used to saying it? Or does he come out of
nowhere and just tell you how beautiful you are, and how much he loves you? Does your man like
to help you with things, such as, dishes, cleaning, making the bed, etc. ? Will he go out of his way to
make you happy? Or does he do what he wants to do and expect you to go along with it as long as
he says “ I love You?”
There’s so much to say on this subject that it is hard to fit it all in one article. Listen to your heart
and your mind. Always take advice from others, and most important, love yourself.

JLS : Everybody In Love With Lyrics

Everybody in love, go on put your hands up
Everybody in love, go on put your hands up
Everybody in love, go on put your hands up
If you’re in love, put your hands up hand up

You know you need someone
When the need’s so strong
When they’re gone you don’t know how to go on
So the whole world is stuck in a moment
Standing still until they come back

You accept that they’ve, got things to do
But sometimes in the end there’s nothing left for you
If hurt is missing your baby
I’ve done too much of it lately

Cuz' every minutes like an hour
Every hours like a day
Every day lasts forever
But what else am i gonna do
I’d wait forever and a day for you
I wait up, wait up
I can’t eat, I can’t sleep
what else could it be missing so deep
long as I’m where you’re going to
I’d wait forever and a day for you
I wait up, wait up for you

And even when we mad, and say we’re through
Deep inside you feel the same way i do
Might as well turn around and just end this
Cause it’s harder tryin' to stay mad
I could tell you that you can’t stay here
Knowing just as soon as you disappear
That I’ll be missing you baby
Soon as you get up and you walk away

Every minutes like an hour
Every hours like a day
Every day lasts forever
But what else am i gonna do
I’d wait forever and a day for you
I wait up, wait up
I can’t eat, I can’t sleep
what else could it be missing you so deep
long as I’m where you’re going to
I’d wait forever and a day for you
I wait up, wait up for you

Everybody in love
Go put your hands up
Everybody in love
Go put your hands up
Everybody in love
Go put your hands up
If you’re in love
Put your hands up
Everybody in love
Go put your hands up
Everybody in love
Go put your hands up
Everybody in love
Go put your hands up
If your in love
Put your hands up

Every minutes like an hour
Every hours like a day
Every day lasts forever
But what else am i gonna do
I’d wait forever and a day for you
I wait up, wait up
I can’t eat, I can’t sleep
what else could it be missing you so deep
long as I’m where you’re going to
I’d wait forever and a day for you
I wait up, wait up for you! 


Each one of us desires that we put on the “new person” and begin to walk the new way of showing our love towards them. Basically, there are no certain established ways for the guys to show to their girlfriend how much love would mean to them. Yes, there are a lot of books, movies, newspaper articles, talks and speeches regarding this matter but still, it didn’t totally solve and suggest such a thing for the mere fact that once we are to show something, it can not be imitated from somebody but rather goes back to our own self. Showing our love is too subjective and personal and for that reason, I couldn’t cite any of those sources I stated above but rather from a very reliable source of all – my own personal experience on this matter.

We all have our own share of difficulties. As we go up the ladder of growth it becomes bigger. Our initial reaction is to back out from them, to waver, to quit because most of us guys are not that open when it comes into showing and expressing our emotions or feelings towards ladies. So, what would then be my ways? There is only one way I could suggest but it would involve a lot of things that goes with it. It’s just so simple… BE WITH HER ALWAYS.

These are just four letter words or phrase but then, it involves a lot of things. Man, as a person, never reveals himself in isolation but always in his togetherness with others. The indubitable fact is that human existence is always an existence of relationships.

Being with her always involves your willingness to listen to her at all times may it be of sense or no sense at all. Your willingness to listen clearly speaks and shows that you care for her at all and that you are with her. When one starts to listen, his or her attention is focus on you and that the one who speaks becomes the center of the others attention too. In such a way, both of them could acquire what we call a sense of a good communication at all. When both of them have this kind of setting, both of them would then sense the importance that they both have and has to share.

Being with her always involves acceptance. One can not be one with the beloved if there is no acceptance of and from each other. When one accepts, that means he or she has nothing to hide anymore from the other. Through acceptance one has no control or does not hesitates to tell whatever he or she had been doing since there is already the presence of self-esteem being develop. When both of them learn to accept each other, they also learn to be closer with each other and that they build more self confidence in them.

Being with her always allows the two of them to discover new things and experiences that they both could share in their togetherness. When the started to discover things among themselves may it be good or bad, they also started to show each other how much their love really means for each other.

I believe, that with their togetherness would clearly explains and add their knowledge on resolving conflicts they met along the way and that would strengthen more of that what we call love they wanted to share and live forever.