I Wish

I wish 
For a moment 
I could Travel 
to the deepest corners 
of your soul 
If just for a glimpse  
Of your true self 
Understand your feelings 
Mind and body 
To be one with your heart 
Your silent cries 
I would hear 
Expel your worries & fears 
And bask in wonders 
Your thoughts 
Can only provide 
I wish 
For a moment 
I could hold your essence 
The very inner glow 
That attracts me 
And weakens my soul 
Leaving me vulnerable 
To your sweetest words 
By your beauty 
I wish for a moment 
I could stop 
The sands of time 
Embrace all 
That is you 
Give up my life 
For a minute of yours 
And indulge in your presence 
For evermore 
For soulmates 
We are destined 
By love 
I wish 
For a moment 
I could wish 
I would wish 
I would wish you...

by Victor Manuel Roman

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