Always In My Heart

Whenever I'm sad 
Whenever I'm blue
To make me feel better
I think of you 
You brighten up my day 
With everything you do
You have a special way
Whenever I'm with you 
I love you so much
Words can't describe
Whenever I feel your touch 
It sends a shiver down my spine 
I just want you to know
Because of your special ways
In my heart you will always stay...
By: Jennifer Michelle Thomas
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                 Lonely Nights

Be Yourself

Things will never be good
It hurts so much
This friend thing is hard to do
Because you've changed a bunch

You're nothing like you used to be
That bothers me a lot
I wish you would just act normal
But you're not

Sometimes I just want to strangle you
Sometimes I just want to yell
That would only make things worse
So I hold back, but someday I may not do so well

Why do you have to be so stupid?
Why do you have to act so weird?
All this is driving me nuts
This is what I most feared

I don't want you back
I just want to be your friend
But I don't think that can happen
Because this will take a while to mend

You don't have to act completely different
Just because we're not going out
I wish you would just be yourself
That ever happening is something I doubt
By Bridgette Marie Sowinski
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                 Everlasting Whispers 

Midnight Fantasy

As I lie in my bed
My thoughts turn to you.
I think of the time
We spent together
And how our love grew.

I miss your voice
As it speaks my name.
I miss your eyes
And how they burn
With a passionate flame.

I want to feel your breath
On my naked skin.
And the touch of your hand
so tender -
Which ignite the fires within.

My mouth deeply hungers
For the sweetness of your lips.
My body craves your touch
As you explore me
With your fingertips.

I want to feel the heat
As the passion quickly builds.
Your caresses and your kisses
Make it easy
For my body and soul to yield.

I want to feel the pleasure
As we feed our lusts and desires.
Your flesh and mine
Becoming one
Burning hot with passion's fire.

Only you can satisfy
And bring me to ecstasy.
Only you can fulfill
My deepest desire
And my midnight fantasy.
By Susan Atkinson 

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Wedding Promise

I can't promise you a life of sunshine;
I can't promise riches, wealth, or gold;
I can't promise you an easy pathway
Which leads away from change or growing old.

But I can promise all my heart's devotion;
A smile to chase away your tears of sorrow;
A love that's ever true and ever growing;
A hand to hold in yours through each tomorrow.

Yes, I'll Marry You.

Author Unknown

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All Over Again

Last night I fell in love with you
All over again,
More deeply in love,
Than ever before.
No one has ever expressed theirlove for me
With such beautiful and kind 

Last night I fell in love with you
All over again,
With such stronger faith
Than ever before.
Knowing that you will always be there for me
When dark shadows enter my life.
Last night I  fell in love with you
All over again
With a stronger friendship
Than ever before
When ever I need a tender shoulder to cry on
I know you will wipe away the tears 
Last night I feel in love with you
All over again
With more respect
Than ever before
I look up to you and admire your strength
In turn you have strengthen me

Last I feel in love with you
All over again
With such care
Than ever before
Now I truly believe how much you care for me
You have given me life.

Last night I fell in love with you
All over again
With more happiness
Than ever before
You have brought back to me smiles and laughter
Through your loving eyes.

Last night I fell in love with you
All over again
With more love
Than ever before
For the first time in a long time
I have really felt love.

By : Cheryl Hornbeck

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Eternal Love

I wonder if I dreamed of you-
if you would appear?
To make my nights full of love,
and always hold me near.

I wonder if I thought of you-
if you would feel it in your soul?
Like two spirits in the universe,
who always seem to know.

Even if the stars went black
and the sun were to shine no more.
They could find their way to each other,
no matter how far the shore.

Safely in each other's arms, 
to bid the rest of time.
Finding Eternal Love
so many seek to find.

Caring for each other
through the worst of storms.
Leaning on the arms of love
and never need anymore.

This is how I feel for you,
I've known it all along.
You are my one true love
My world.. My heart.. My soul! 
By : Tracy Renee Shierling 
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My Deepest Fear

In the beginning it seemed so perfect
The first night we were alone together
It seemed like it was so perfect

Each day, the harder I tried
Each day, it seemed like he had so much to hide
There is nothing more I could offer him
It seems he just can't be satisfied

I feel his presence when he is near
And for his touch my body cries
But when he smiles and walks away
My heart begans to fade

He is aware, I'm sure he knows
Of my everlasting devotion
To him it's just a game
Of what he can get and then run away
But all he is doing is toying with my emotions

So now I sit here and cry
'Cause he isn't here
But he never was
And that is what I feared.
By Meradith Ashlee Zadnik

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Kuchh kaho na !

Syaah sannaton main hamane,
Umr katee hai tanhaa,
Tang aur andhi surangen,
Is gufaa se us gufaa.

Saans thi sahami hui si,
Dhadakanon ko ek darr,
Itnaa tanhaa aur lambaa,
Zindgi ka uff safar.
Door meelon door jalati ,
Lau koi lagatee ho tum ,
Tum ho,tum ho,Tum hi tum ho ,
Ho naa tum, tum, ho naa tum.

Pal se pal tak jee rahe hain,
Tum hi pal pal aas ho na,
Ek pal to aur thaharo ,
Ek pal dikhati raho na .

Kuchh kaho na !!

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In The Light

Don't take me where you are
if you're in the dark.
 Take me to the light,
let me feel your heart.
 Show me all the joy
that you have to share.
 Hold me close tonight,
let me know you care.

 Take me to the light,
touch me with your heart.
 Then if you must go,
I thank you for the start.
 For the light within,
for the knowledge of love,
 For all you've shared and given
I give you all my love.

 Now kiss me, sweet, good bye
then leave me in the light,
 While I quietly sigh...
thank you for tonight...
By Kristine Beulke
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This I promise you

In the moonlit night,
the stars my only witnesses
I make a vow never to be broken.
From the bottom of my heart,
its depth and breadth,
as i live this earth...
until the oceans are stationed, 
and the stars have fallen to the ground, 
and waters run dry, 
and the sun brings no light, 
and life is extinct,
I will love you forever,
be here and care for you,
never leave you blue,
always be by your side,
to protect and guide you,
cherish and honor you,
forever and eternity,
This I promise you.
By Sharon Quagraine
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Everlasting Whispers

Softly whisper your passion 
Come to me my loving heart 
I'll cherish your gentle tenderness 
From this day forward I'll impart 
My emotion of contentment 
That grew instantly as we met 
From the depth of my souls embrace 
Straight to you for whom it was meant 
Refresh your souls thirsting need 
Come bathe in passion's bright glowing fire 
As we dance the dance of eternal love
Wrapped in our flowing desires 
Our need for each other so great 
A timeless burning flame 
As at last we have found each other 
And our place together we claim.
By:  Freida Martinez
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My Wish, My Dream

I wish I may
I hope I might,
dream upon
my wish tonight.
I cannot wake
until I see,
what my soul
would like for me.
I need someone
more than they know,
for with them
my heart can glow.
I wish I may
I hope I might,
get my wish…
of you tonight.

By Brandon Harrington

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