Just You And Me

Hold Me In your Arms this Night,
I wanna die looking into your Eyes.
So beautiful, so fascinating would that be,
Sounds Though Like a Dream.
I never thought you would even Care,
But now I Know that you are gonna love me Forever.
I feel like expressing what i cannot,
Because in front of you, its Just not that easy.
The Fear to loose you kills me like anything,
My Strength changes into fear, and my joys into sorrows.
But I know it's gonna be just You and Me.....
Until The Day I Die.....

Tribute to The Legend Dev Anand Saab

Ek Zinda Dil Insaan...!!! Jisska dil 88 saal mein bhi jawaan tha...!!! He was'nt 88. He'd turn 22 for the 4th time...:) Woh Hamesha kehte the Life is too short...And he did'nt live, He celebrated his Life..!!! RIP Dev Anand Saab...Gr888 Respect For You..!!!

A Tribute To Dev Anand Saab Enjoy The Song And Its Lyrics by following the Link

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