First Look……..

I loved to roam in nature,
I love to see His all creature,
The mountain, the birds, the falls,
the lush green fields, the every adventure,
One day, I passed by a rushing stream,
I looked a fantasy like my dream,
She was enjoying the flowing water,
Her face was a beaming like crème,
I thought we are made for each other,
but i realized, no, i was mad for her,
she was my destination, my dream,
I was waiting for her like a traitor,
Soon I got to know , she was just a fantasy,
In reality nothing was happened like my imaginary courtesy,
I was mad to see her first sight, but she was not moved,
She left me and went away to quench her ever thirsty fantasy….


Saru Singhal said... Reply To This Comment

No words can describe how much i enjoyed reading this poem...I love the rhyming scheme as well...

Saru Singhal said... Reply To This Comment

Where are you? We're missing your posts!

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