The Ending and a New Beginning

You see this story starts over a year ago. Well will soon be 2 years ago. I had meet this man thur a friend. Well to me this man was perfect. But then when one loves someone that seems to be the case doesn't it. Well you see in the beginning thing were great other than he was over 3500 miles away. So seeing each other than by a plane ride wasn't really going to work. Well things went along for a while all fine and dandy. Till suddenly he started to change. Well not taking any notice. I let things go. Till it was time for me to buy a ticket to go see him. The nite before i was to go get he said to not. Well i figure he had cold feet. So i let it go. decided to see where thing went from there. They went down hill big time. 
Well in the mean time a man i had talked to for a long time. Started to fill my lonely hours that i waited for the other man. So it I didn't notice he wasn't talkin to me as much. Well it happen over a bit of time. Also at the same time this other friendship had blossomed. We would never be more than friends as he is marred. Seems like sometimes the goodone are doesn't it. Well by christmas that year he told me it was all over. So I took sometime to get over him.
Well during this time I started talkin to another man. He was single had never been marred but was with a friend before . So I thought this was only going to be a friendship as well. Well the more we talked the closer we became. He and my friend had broken up. So then field was wide open. So we got together. He and i love each other very much. At the same time the friend that was marred also had told me he loves me as well. That made for a hard deal to deal with.I have explained to him many times that i loved the other man. 
the end.

- By Unknown

Thinking of you

Thinking of You
As i walked outside
And looked up at the sky
It seemed like the clouds wanted to cry
They were so nice 
They reminded me of your eyes
Now all i can think of is you
Calling me by your side
As i continue to walk 
I couldn't help but to let out a sigh
As tears rolled out of my eyes
And wishing i could be once again by your side.

By Priscilla

I Miss You

Missing you tonight
I want to see your face again
Just once more before I go to sleep

Last night was the best night of my life
You held me tight all night
You gently kissed me until I felt right

We held hands all through the night
I never wanted to leave your warm embrace
I don’t think I’ve ever felt this way

I love you so much
I can’t believe we’ve made it this far
Together forever is what I wish for

Each night before I go to sleep
I thank God for sending you to me
I feel so blessed to have you as a boyfriend

As I lay my head on your shoulder
You wrap your arms around me
You whisper to me …”I’m going to miss you”

Just a couple more days…
I say to myself as I hang up the phone
I go to sleep just wishing you were there by me.

- By Unknown

True Love

I tell u i love u every night
What would Love be without the silly fights
Without something to make it right
I'm glad the fights happened
Or we wouldn't be as strong as we are now
We stay up all night talking
But what we talk about is nothing
But the nothings are everything
To show the thought each of us care
I love you without regret
I've felt this way about you since We first met
No words can express
None so true
You might say I'm crazy
Yea your right just crazy about you.

- By Ashley Redden

Dreams of You

When I rest my head,
I look to the stars above,
Remembering all you said,
Hoping for feelings of love.

My vivid visions of your face,
Keep me awake at night,
Imagine your sweet embrace,
My lusting heart, you ignite.

Fleeting dreams of us,
Fade into the void,
As I start to obsess,
My memories destroyed.

My waking is bittersweet,
For I wake alone,
My life is incomplete,
And our future is unknown.

One day we will unite,
Make my dreams come true,
To be with you tonight,
For I'm nothing, without you.

By - C Fowler

How to Love

After stepping into the world again,
there is that question of how to love, 
how to bundle yourself against the frosted morning—
the crunch of icy grass underfoot, the scrape 
of cold wipers along the windshield—
and convert time into distance. 
What song to sing down an empty road
as you begin your morning commute?
And is there enough in you to see, really see, 
the three wild turkeys crossing the street 
with their featherless heads and stilt-like legs
in search of a morning meal? Nothing to do 
but hunker down, wait for them to safely cross. 
As they amble away, you wonder if they want 
to be startled back into this world. Maybe you do, too, 
waiting for all this to give way to love itself, 
to look into the eyes of another and feel something— 
the pleasure of a new lover in the unbroken night, 
your wings folded around him, on the other side 
of this ragged January, as if a long sleep has ended.

By - January Gill O’Neil is the author of Misery Islands (CavanKerry Press, 2014) and Underlife (CavanKerry Press, 2009). She is executive director of the Massachusetts Poetry Festival and teaches at Salem State University in Salem, Massachusetts.