Tips for Making a Stubborn Man Fall in Love

Stubborn?  There is no stubborn man who can resist a determined lady. If your man is stubborn, then you better give him a one-two punch that will sweep him off his feet.
1.      > Stomach is still their weak point. If you are looking at learning the gourmet menu, you are mistaken. You do not need to learn that, you can just drop by at certain days with a pizza in hand just to “hang out” with him. However, if the day is reserved for “the boys”, do not stick your nose and stay. At times, you can also drop a nice bag of his favorite chips by his office.
2.       >Personalize his gifts. Gifts are rarely a direct way to his heart, but it is often a long way towards it. If he has a collection, you can try to check some collection items for him. If he is into sports, you can secure two front row tickets but give him an option who he wants to go with.
3.       >Know his friends. This comes with a little warning; do not get too friendly with his friends. Just knowing his friends is enough but hanging out often with them might give you a problem. Leave a good impression with his friends because they are the “advisers”.
4.       >Let him teach you. Most men are eager teachers; they like to share what they are great at. Even if it seems as simple as a changing the light bulb or as complex as building a computer, it would be great to let them “teach” you.
5.       >Learn timing. Timing is everything, that is not only applicable to comedy but in almost every single affair. If it is a bad time, do not push.
6.     >  Understand what ticks him off. Knowing this means lessening the time, you would accidentally push the wrong button.
7.       >Do not make yourself too available. Sometimes when a person is too available, they are taken for granted. This would cause their efforts to be unnoticed. Stubborn guys tend to look the other way while you are trying to make them look your way. So give him time to realize your presence.
8.      > Love yourself. Dignity is a stubborn guy’s pride; if you do not have dignity for yourself they are not likely to fall for you.


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Saru Singhal said... Reply To This Comment

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