The Way I Love You

boy alone with flowers in hand
I never really know how you feel
I can't read your mind
I just keep waiting ...

Take me to your heart
Show me where to start
Let me play the part of your first love.

Oh, I know down deep you love me
But are you ever gonna love me
The way I love you?  

By Unknown

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My Angel From Above

Whenever I'm feeling lonely
Or maybe feeling blue
I think of all the things
All the little things you do.

Whenever I feel lousy
And seem to have a frown
I remember all the funny times
And you just turn it upside down.

Whenever I'm depressed
And need you by my side
I remember all the sweet things you say
To make the sadness go away.

When I need a shoulder to cry on
You are always there
Taking away all my fears and loneliness
when my life's a mess.

When I need a best friend and even someone to love
You are there for me, like my angel from above.  

By Unknown

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Love Prayer

Man Praying on one knee
As I lay me down to sleep
I pray for you my heart to keep,

and walking down the streets of sorrow,
It is your footsteps I wish to follow,

As in the darkened skies around,
There's nothing there-not even a sound.

With just our two hearts beating as one,
I know that our time has almost come and gone.

But what I promise you now-and till death do us part,
Is that you will always remain deep in my heart.

My prayer to my love.  

By JayJay Schnetler

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                  Eternal Treasure

A Special Feeling

I knew it was special from the very start,
It envelopes my body, my core, my heart.
A shining, uplifting, persistent feeling,
It embraces and warms my entire being.

This special feeling lights my soul on fire,
It burns with amazing delight, warm desire.
How lucky I am to have this in my life,
A most cherished feeling, wonderfully nice.

Let me name this feeling, it is all about you,
It is my undying, everlasting love for you.
I love you, my dearest sweetheart,
Nothing in the world can keep us apart.  

Copyright Gabor Timis

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                 Peaceful Love


As we cross this empty street
Cold breeze comes from the river,
and brings a fear completely
I wish we always stay together..!!

As I hold you in my arms tonight,
With a promise to leave you
and everything will now feels so
I wish we always stay together..!!
Soon there will be a happy rain,
Making smiles our new endeavor,
Taking away all the hidden pain,
I wish we always stay together..!!
Our love is shining like a star,
Sailing across the sky so tender,
getting there doesn't seem so
I wish we always stay together..!!
With a soft kiss sweet as a pie,
this touch of lips can’t be felt
The thought of which makes me
I wish we always stay together..!!
Here we are on our wedding day,
The day we waited longer then
Still I have nothing more to say,
but, We will always stay

By Unknown 

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                Truly Meant To Be

Like A Dream

Like a dream
We were standing together face to face

Like a dream
You were holding me close and my heart began to race

Like a dream
Our eyes met and the world seemed to disappear

Like a dream
We began to dance to music only we could hear

Like a dream
You brushed my cheek and trace my lips tenderly

Like a dream
Our lips met and we kissed passionately

Like a dream
I was with you and I didn't have a care

Like a dream
We shared something only you and I could share.  

By Unknown

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You Came Into My Life

couple in sunset wallpaper
Thinking of her
trying to feel
what it would be like
if she held me near.

Walking around
all by my self
searching for love
with somebody else.

Then you
you came into my life
without any reason why.

You walked into my life.

I looked in your eyes
I almost died, inside.

I dialed the phone
you're never home
I can't help but feel
lost and alone.

Now you're saying goodbye
I don't know why
it can't be too late
we didn't even try.

I was a fool
to ever love you
I couldn't see
that you would never love me.

Then you came into my life...

By Unknown

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True Love

girl and boy kissing with orange flowers in spring
Look in my heart
go deep inside,
You never know what 
treasures i may hide.
It hides a treasure 
I thought i had lost, 
But for you it is shown.
Shown like a picture
clear and large,
To keep this treasure
all I do is look at you 
and it will charge.
Charge as a battery
over and over again,
And only to you
will i explain.
It is beautiful 
like a waterfall 
or the heavens above.
If you don't know 
the treasure which
I give you?
It is called the 
one and only 
True Love.

By Peter  Rodrigues

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I Wish

I wish 
For a moment 
I could Travel 
to the deepest corners 
of your soul 
If just for a glimpse  
Of your true self 
Understand your feelings 
Mind and body 
To be one with your heart 
Your silent cries 
I would hear 
Expel your worries & fears 
And bask in wonders 
Your thoughts 
Can only provide 
I wish 
For a moment 
I could hold your essence 
The very inner glow 
That attracts me 
And weakens my soul 
Leaving me vulnerable 
To your sweetest words 
By your beauty 
I wish for a moment 
I could stop 
The sands of time 
Embrace all 
That is you 
Give up my life 
For a minute of yours 
And indulge in your presence 
For evermore 
For soulmates 
We are destined 
By love 
I wish 
For a moment 
I could wish 
I would wish 
I would wish you...

by Victor Manuel Roman

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          I’m Waiting For You

My Everything

you are my everythingI want be the wind that fills your sail
Be the hand that lifts your veil
Be the moon that moves your tides
The sun coming up in your eyes
Be the spark that lights you up
All that you've been dreaming of
And more... so much more
I want be your everything! 
When you wake up
I'll be the first thing you see.
I'll cherish your words
I'll finish your thoughts
I'll be your compass when you get lost. 

By Unknown

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                Meaningless Words

So Is Mine

Your Eyes Meet Mine,
But The Feeling Is No Longer There.
Your Hand Touches Mine,
And The Chills Have Seemed To Vanish.

My Heart Is Now Cold,
But Only When I Am Near You.
My Legs Become Numb,
As I Slowly Walk Away.

Your Voice Seems To Whisper Through The Wind,
The Wind Suddenly Blows The Other Way.
My Eyes Become Filled With Tears,
Your Hand Gently Pushes Them Aside.

Your Heart Is Now Broken,
And So Is Mine!
By Rissa  Anne 
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Where You Belong

Michael douglas and catherine zeta jones lip kiss
Four walls around me
And a radio softly playing
Tears slowly creeping
Down my saturated cheeks

For try as I might
To leave your memory behind
I?m not able to dismiss
These sweet memories
Of you and I.

The look in your eyes
The sound of your voice
The loving caress of your hands
And the beautiful feeling
Of being held in your arms.

And how I still can recall
Your fingers entwined in my hair
And the crushing weight
Of your lips upon mine.

My soul is overflowed
Of you and I
Together in love
Together in lust.

Inseparable it seemed
Or at least I thought
I?ve so tried to understand
Why you thought you had to go

But when the world out there
Betrays you
And you?ve nowhere else to run
I?ll be here waiting 
For you to return
Back to my arms
Where you belong
By   A. Eaton
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Hopelessly Devoted

hands of bride and groom
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                 I gave my life 

You Are To Me

boy and girl love on rail tracks
Like a breeze in the morning,
You penetrate my being.
A tingling  inside me,
Without anyone seeing.

My feelings for you are
beyond explanation,
Like rain in my mouth
I taste that sensation.

Like sun on my shoulders,
I feel your warmth,
So close together
but so far apart.

I hold you inside me
As one should do
You are for me
And I am for you.
By Unknown 

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I Love You

When I Am Glad,
You Are In My Smile,
When I Am Sad,
You Are In My Tears,
When I Am Walking,
You Are In My Step, When I Am
You Are In My Dreams,
I Think These Are Special Feelings,
If I Were An Artist,
I Would Paint My Feelings,
If I Were A Poetess, I Would Quote
My Feelings,
But I Am An Ordinary persn,
So I Just Say,
I Love You...
 By Unknown
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First Time I Saw You

The first time I saw you
I was scared. I really didn't want to stare
but I knew there was something there.

My heart said one thing 
but my mind said another;
let me think about us being with each other.

I stared and stared 
until finally I caught you staring.
It was actually worth waiting.
To hold you and kiss you 
and cherish these days that
I'll take with me some day.
By Guzman
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Wanna Tell This To You

"I fight with u. cuz i luv u so
Wanna Tell This To You,
I Had Never Cared For Someone As
I Do For You,
I Wanna Tell This To You,
You Are My Heart And My Soul Too,
I Wanna Tell This To You,
You Had Shown Me A Different
World A Different Path To Go,
I Wanna Tell This To You...
You Make A Difference To Me..
I Wanna Tell This To You...
I Am Nothing Without You...
I Wanna Tell This To You...
Few Expressions Cant Be
Expressed In Words...
I Wanna Tell This To You...
My Heart Is Beating And Its
Beating For You...
I Wanna Tell This To You...
I LOVE U...!!!!

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The Smallest Things

Boy And Girl On Rail Tracks- black and white image
Did you realize
That one touch 
From your hands
Sends tingles
Through my body

That one look 
From your eyes 
Gives me 
In my stomach

That one smile
Makes me
In my

That one kiss
From your lips
Makes me weak
In my 

It's scary how
The smallest things
Can complete you
And the smallest things
Can break you.
by Robert James Lavery 

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The Seperation

Today at this stage of ma life,
I wanna go back where we met and falled for eachotha...
Da way used be wid me, wen u wer blue
and afta dat u smiled...
I wanna go back to that moment, wen at mid night
First time you told me I love you wid all ur feelings...
I wanna go back to da moment wer i was Happy wid u
and dreaming for us, and made promises, which are left incomplete...
I wanna go back and feel and look in those eyes,
In which i can see loads of love for me...
I wanna go back where u used to think of me,
and become red wen a thought me passed, wen i was nt present...
I wanna go back where there were just me and you,
Noone else mattered to us...
I wanna go back and grab u in my arms, and
stop the time untill eternity...
But as i get my senses back, I realize,
That you are no more in my arms, my arms are empty...
That you are gone, and m here alone...
Lonely, In deep pain with no tears...
I need you,
I want you,
I love you,
I cant have you...

By - Jay Dave (J'D)

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The Inspiration

Boy on knees Proposing girl
The inspiration to my life,
Is the person in my poems.
You gave me hope,
When I was lost.
Now that I am found,
I am bound, 
With you.

I'm in love with you now
That I Have found.
You are my light,
When around is night.

I love you,
You love me.
I ask You now,
On bended knee.
Will you marry me,
And be my wife forever.
By Lane Roger Ashcraft
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Girl In Love, sunsetWhen I see your smiling face,
When I gaze into your eyes,
My heart just misses a beat
And I get butterflies. 
You confuse all my senses,
I can hardly breathe.
I want to hold you forever
Because I never want you to leave. 
No words do it justice,
It's in the heart and mind.
I explode when you touch me
And it swims deep inside. 
When our eyes and lips meet
And we get lost in a loving kiss,
My whole body just tingles
As I drift though memory's bliss. 
Do you feel what I'm feeling?
Does your boat capsize?
When our hearts become one,
Do you get these butterflies?
By Xalthia Orion Star
                  HOW MUCH HER LOVE MEAN TO YOU...

My Heart's Journey

hearts of black and white pearls
I set out to find my soul-mate,
and ended up with a heart-ache.
I'd had other boyfriends in the past, 
but none of them would last.
I was sure he would stay.

When he told me the thousands of broken promises,
it seemed like he was telling the truth; 
only to find out he was telling lies.

After he left, that's when I met you.
It was love at first sight.
I was sure you had to be "Mr. Right."
By Donna Carter 
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Love United

boy sitting on chair crying black and white image
Love united is like two people uniting
Their love and coming as one
Their heart coming as one and their souls

Love united is power of love
Uniting a person mind and soul

When a person is united with 
Love they are made whole
A person love can never unfold

Love can hurt 
Love can bring pain
Love can bring shame

If your love was united
You wouldn't have this pain...
By Tamara Shanae Stoutgirl
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Daddy's Arms

mother and newborn baby girlOh, my little girl
such pure joy you bring
Tiny hands on my breast,
a rosebud mouth feeding

Created from the purest 
love of my heart.
A gift from God,
given me,
I proudly present you
to your daddy.

The man of my life,
long awaited
Such pride in his girls,
he holds us both
as i feed you.

I feel his tears 
on my skin 
as he shares his joy of you.
I sigh....
and relax into him,
held gently in his arms.

My life... complete
God gave me daddy
And daddy gave me you.
I Love You Jenna.....

By - Ella  Kay
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                 True Romance  

Beyond a Distance

Through the clouds
and beyond the stars,
My thoughts of you
seem so far.
I feel so close
yet, you are miles away,
Beyond my touch
is where you stay.
I try to jump
but can't get that high,
You drift up close
towards the ongoing sky.
Out of my reach
and far from my sight,
Until all that is left of you
is one burning light.
A star in the sky
is what you now are to me,
The farthest one
for me to see.
So, I make a wish
on this shining star,
That you will always think of me
Beyond this distance that is so far.
by Brooklynn Kirkwood

Truly Meant To Be

girl and boy in love
As I look into your eyes,
I think to myself, off in my mind,
I realize the way you really are,
Sweet, loving, caring, and truly kind.

I am getting the sudden sensation,
That we were meant to be,
At least now, though I hope forever,
This is the real happy me!

I really feel as though I can,
Just sit and talk to you like this,
About my deepest problems and fears,
Hoping you can make them disappear with a kiss.

I will always be there for you,
As I hope you are for me,
Right now you hold the key to my heart,
You and I are truly meant to be.
by Erin A. Zimmerman
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                 In The Light 

How We Used To

I remember how it used to be
when nothing else matter but you and me
music, country roads, and future dreams.

I miss you, I wish you could see
although you are here, I miss you and me.

I remember when you said how happy I made you
and you really meant, it's just a phrase
you say without thinking.

I miss those days when you'd call just to say "hi"
or "I love you"...the days it was so hard
just to say good-bye for a while.

I remember how wonderful it felt the first time
you held me in your arms-and how after all those
years you still made my heart melt.

I miss the old you- and the old me
The old us that could just sit and talk for hours
and never run out of things to say.

I remember when time simply stood still-
when in each others arms is the only place
we wanted to be...forever.

I miss us as I remember how it used to be...
when nothing else matter but you and me.

© Melanie Edwards 

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I Never Thought

Love Written on green grassI haven't known you very long
but that's not the way I feel;
I've told you all about me
I have nothing to conceal.

What I say may sound silly now
but you'll find it to be true;
I never thought that when we met
I would fall in love with you.

You are my new beginning,
you're the door to life beyond;
you're all that I could ever want
or ever need to carry on.

You're the future I have dreamed of,
you're a new and brighter day;
with you, there is no looking back,
the past can fade away.

Though I haven't known you very long
you'll find all I've said is true;
I never thought that when we met
I would fall in love with you.
By William Thomas Kinsey 
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Eternal Treasure

Fulfillment of dreams once forgotten
Abandonment of reality once accomplished
Thoughts and imagination encrypted in the soul
Tenable stories of love from my heart of gold

Motion of endless hopes and visions
Conceived and released deep into my bones
Eternal solitude of aching heart?s desire
Revealed in moments of sweet surrender

Everlasting romance my body daily craves
Beyond reasons and every conceivable mean
Words of peace steadily flowing from your throat
Meet my needs that I may ever yearn for more

Scream of joy and river of laughter...
Designed for me and my yearning soul
Anointed pleasure for my love emotion
From you I receive this eternal treasure...
Mini silver colored treasure Box 
By Sunday B. Fakus
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My One and Only Love

Couple Kissing Black and White
There are just so many words
But I can't find one that's perfectly true.

I have said lots of I love yous
Have given you lots of kisses and hugs
I have given you my all
But still those are just not enough.

You're the only one I desire
You're the only one in my heart
Through good and bad times
Nothing can keep us apart.

To my one and only love
That no one will ever compare
Take this simple vow
Let this be my devotion forever.

I love you and I will never leave you
No matter what happens I'll always be true
Though times may be rough
and days may be tough
I'll stick with you through and through
until the next life...

By Unknown

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Peaceful Love

There is peace in my soul,
For such a long awaited time.
There is love in my life,
A love of melody and rhyme.

Once you took hold of my heart,
I knew no other could have reached.
As whispered fate took my hand,
To levels only you could reach.

You in my life,
Will live eternally.
I knew the first night we met,
You were meant for me. 

By Unknown

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Man of My Dreams

Love Girl In ChucksTo the man of my dreams 
whom I love, so dear 
who has the key to my heart 
to who's eyes shine 
as bright as the stars at night.

When I hear the words, 
"I love you"
it is not fulfilling 
until I hear it from you.  
I dream of the day 
when your lips touch mine.  
Your answer is unpredictable 
but in the end it will 
all be worth the wait.  

I'm sure you know 
what the question is,
So please fulfill my hopes and dreams 
by saying, "YES"... with a kiss.
By Crystal Linda Blondeel 
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My Shining Star

When you tell me you love me,
It makes me happy inside.
You dry the tears that I have cried
You picked up my heart when it was tortured and used.
You came to me when I was alone and confused.

When you look me in the eyes
I see heaven and its place.
And when your arms are around me I get lost in your embrace.
I'll never deceive you in any way.
I'll think of tomorrow's beautiful day.

When I am alone at night with nothing to do,
I look at the millions of stars that represents my love for you.
So at night when you look at the sky, I will not be far.
I will be there with you, for you are my shinning star.
By Whitney Allison Byrd
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                 The Kiss 

Dreaming About You

If I could give You anything You wanted
You know I would

If You wanted Me to do something
You know I would

Just another day You're not here
I'm dreaming about You again, My Baby
I want to spend My best days with You

Did You the Girl in my Dreams Came True?
With another glance I knew this was My chance
The wish I made had finally Come True
I saw the Girl that I was Dreaming of... YOU

There is no more way to show I'm dreaming of you
I was waiting for You to tell Me Dream of Me, TOO?
By Chris  Haugh
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                  Remembering the Old Days 

My Rising Sun

Time to share is always there

I peered thru life
Ever avoiding strife
But now am undone
My barriers broken
For one has found me

Reached in and unbound me

Her love has burst my bonds
And set music to my songs
Her need for me
And mine for she
Has made my Winter Spring

A new start
With hammering heart
We color the world with our dream
Nothing is as it did seem
The darkness of my solitude is done
She - my rising sun......

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I Miss You

 I miss you so much it hurts, my love
I miss you with every fiber of my being
I miss you like there is no tomorrow, my dove
I miss you fervently, it's all my loving.
I miss you with my entire heart
I wish we were no longer apart.

My heart beats only for you, faster and faster
My legs are shaking just thinking about you
My eyes are watery, tears flowing larger and larger
My whole being is trembling for you.
My arms are craving to hold you once more
My soul is withering away deep from its core.

I miss you desperately, with everything I got
I miss you darling, I miss you every single day
I miss you sweetheart, my loving ache so hot
I miss you my dear love, I miss you all the way.
I miss you and I can take it no longer
Come back to me and our love will be stronger.

© Copyright Gabor Timis

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Always In My Heart

Whenever I'm sad 
Whenever I'm blue
To make me feel better
I think of you 
You brighten up my day 
With everything you do
You have a special way
Whenever I'm with you 
I love you so much
Words can't describe
Whenever I feel your touch 
It sends a shiver down my spine 
I just want you to know
Because of your special ways
In my heart you will always stay...
By: Jennifer Michelle Thomas
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                 Lonely Nights

Be Yourself

Things will never be good
It hurts so much
This friend thing is hard to do
Because you've changed a bunch

You're nothing like you used to be
That bothers me a lot
I wish you would just act normal
But you're not

Sometimes I just want to strangle you
Sometimes I just want to yell
That would only make things worse
So I hold back, but someday I may not do so well

Why do you have to be so stupid?
Why do you have to act so weird?
All this is driving me nuts
This is what I most feared

I don't want you back
I just want to be your friend
But I don't think that can happen
Because this will take a while to mend

You don't have to act completely different
Just because we're not going out
I wish you would just be yourself
That ever happening is something I doubt
By Bridgette Marie Sowinski
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                 Everlasting Whispers 

Midnight Fantasy

As I lie in my bed
My thoughts turn to you.
I think of the time
We spent together
And how our love grew.

I miss your voice
As it speaks my name.
I miss your eyes
And how they burn
With a passionate flame.

I want to feel your breath
On my naked skin.
And the touch of your hand
so tender -
Which ignite the fires within.

My mouth deeply hungers
For the sweetness of your lips.
My body craves your touch
As you explore me
With your fingertips.

I want to feel the heat
As the passion quickly builds.
Your caresses and your kisses
Make it easy
For my body and soul to yield.

I want to feel the pleasure
As we feed our lusts and desires.
Your flesh and mine
Becoming one
Burning hot with passion's fire.

Only you can satisfy
And bring me to ecstasy.
Only you can fulfill
My deepest desire
And my midnight fantasy.
By Susan Atkinson 

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Wedding Promise

I can't promise you a life of sunshine;
I can't promise riches, wealth, or gold;
I can't promise you an easy pathway
Which leads away from change or growing old.

But I can promise all my heart's devotion;
A smile to chase away your tears of sorrow;
A love that's ever true and ever growing;
A hand to hold in yours through each tomorrow.

Yes, I'll Marry You.

Author Unknown

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All Over Again

Last night I fell in love with you
All over again,
More deeply in love,
Than ever before.
No one has ever expressed theirlove for me
With such beautiful and kind 

Last night I fell in love with you
All over again,
With such stronger faith
Than ever before.
Knowing that you will always be there for me
When dark shadows enter my life.
Last night I  fell in love with you
All over again
With a stronger friendship
Than ever before
When ever I need a tender shoulder to cry on
I know you will wipe away the tears 
Last night I feel in love with you
All over again
With more respect
Than ever before
I look up to you and admire your strength
In turn you have strengthen me

Last I feel in love with you
All over again
With such care
Than ever before
Now I truly believe how much you care for me
You have given me life.

Last night I fell in love with you
All over again
With more happiness
Than ever before
You have brought back to me smiles and laughter
Through your loving eyes.

Last night I fell in love with you
All over again
With more love
Than ever before
For the first time in a long time
I have really felt love.

By : Cheryl Hornbeck

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Eternal Love

I wonder if I dreamed of you-
if you would appear?
To make my nights full of love,
and always hold me near.

I wonder if I thought of you-
if you would feel it in your soul?
Like two spirits in the universe,
who always seem to know.

Even if the stars went black
and the sun were to shine no more.
They could find their way to each other,
no matter how far the shore.

Safely in each other's arms, 
to bid the rest of time.
Finding Eternal Love
so many seek to find.

Caring for each other
through the worst of storms.
Leaning on the arms of love
and never need anymore.

This is how I feel for you,
I've known it all along.
You are my one true love
My world.. My heart.. My soul! 
By : Tracy Renee Shierling 
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                   I'm Missing You Like Crazy 

My Deepest Fear

In the beginning it seemed so perfect
The first night we were alone together
It seemed like it was so perfect

Each day, the harder I tried
Each day, it seemed like he had so much to hide
There is nothing more I could offer him
It seems he just can't be satisfied

I feel his presence when he is near
And for his touch my body cries
But when he smiles and walks away
My heart begans to fade

He is aware, I'm sure he knows
Of my everlasting devotion
To him it's just a game
Of what he can get and then run away
But all he is doing is toying with my emotions

So now I sit here and cry
'Cause he isn't here
But he never was
And that is what I feared.
By Meradith Ashlee Zadnik

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                  The Reason 

Kuchh kaho na !

Syaah sannaton main hamane,
Umr katee hai tanhaa,
Tang aur andhi surangen,
Is gufaa se us gufaa.

Saans thi sahami hui si,
Dhadakanon ko ek darr,
Itnaa tanhaa aur lambaa,
Zindgi ka uff safar.
Door meelon door jalati ,
Lau koi lagatee ho tum ,
Tum ho,tum ho,Tum hi tum ho ,
Ho naa tum, tum, ho naa tum.

Pal se pal tak jee rahe hain,
Tum hi pal pal aas ho na,
Ek pal to aur thaharo ,
Ek pal dikhati raho na .

Kuchh kaho na !!

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In The Light

Don't take me where you are
if you're in the dark.
 Take me to the light,
let me feel your heart.
 Show me all the joy
that you have to share.
 Hold me close tonight,
let me know you care.

 Take me to the light,
touch me with your heart.
 Then if you must go,
I thank you for the start.
 For the light within,
for the knowledge of love,
 For all you've shared and given
I give you all my love.

 Now kiss me, sweet, good bye
then leave me in the light,
 While I quietly sigh...
thank you for tonight...
By Kristine Beulke
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          I Lie To Forget  

This I promise you

In the moonlit night,
the stars my only witnesses
I make a vow never to be broken.
From the bottom of my heart,
its depth and breadth,
as i live this earth...
until the oceans are stationed, 
and the stars have fallen to the ground, 
and waters run dry, 
and the sun brings no light, 
and life is extinct,
I will love you forever,
be here and care for you,
never leave you blue,
always be by your side,
to protect and guide you,
cherish and honor you,
forever and eternity,
This I promise you.
By Sharon Quagraine
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Everlasting Whispers

Softly whisper your passion 
Come to me my loving heart 
I'll cherish your gentle tenderness 
From this day forward I'll impart 
My emotion of contentment 
That grew instantly as we met 
From the depth of my souls embrace 
Straight to you for whom it was meant 
Refresh your souls thirsting need 
Come bathe in passion's bright glowing fire 
As we dance the dance of eternal love
Wrapped in our flowing desires 
Our need for each other so great 
A timeless burning flame 
As at last we have found each other 
And our place together we claim.
By:  Freida Martinez
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                  I Lie To Forget 

My Wish, My Dream

I wish I may
I hope I might,
dream upon
my wish tonight.
I cannot wake
until I see,
what my soul
would like for me.
I need someone
more than they know,
for with them
my heart can glow.
I wish I may
I hope I might,
get my wish…
of you tonight.

By Brandon Harrington

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A Rose Without You

With this rose, I not only give you merely a rose, 
but I give you my heart and soul. 
I send to you all the love I have to give,
and anything else that would give me the 
chance to touch your heart.
With this rose, I reveal all my
thoughts and feelings about you
that I have withheld for so long.
I feel when I am with you... I am like a rose, 
not because of it?s beauty, 
but because I am able to bloom and grow with you.
To me you are like a rose's sunshine, 
so full of energy and light, 
that never does it fail to lift my spirits. 
Just by the sound of your voice and that look in your eye.
I could never tear my eyes from you,
you are able to make my life worth living. 
But, without you, just like a rose, 
I would wither and die. 
Not all at once, but little by little, 
petal by petal. 

Slowly at first, because you have made me 
stronger and stronger each day you're with me.
But eventually, without you, I will lose 
all those beautiful petals you have given me.
By: Jonathan Magueflor Cruz 
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                  Tears, Idle Tears… 

Just The Thought Of You

My life is so dark, grim, and cold,
I sit by myself, I've got no one to hold. 
 I see everyone else with their significant other,
I wish I wasn't born, I curse my mother. 
 My life has no point, no meaning at all,
when I'm at home, I have no one to call. 
Then all of a sudden, I think of you,
the sun comes up, reflecting on the mourning dew. 
 Birds start to sing their happy song,
I feel like I could take on King Kong. 
 I am no longer sad, there is nothing I can't do.
And I feel this way, because I thought of you.
by Scott Thomas Moy 
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                 Happy Rose Day - Poetry 

The Key To My Heart

I close my eyes
And see your face
I open my eyes
Of you there’s no trace

All of a sudden
I see you there
My tears break out
To much to bare

I want to hold you
You want to hold me
This wonderful love
Is surely meant to be

You come to me
And hold me close
This loving embrace
I love the most

I look in your eyes
I know it is true
My heart never lies
I’m in love with you

Maybe someday
I will be your wife
Because for you
I’d dedicate my life

You are the best thing
That’s happened to me
I hope you also feel like
We’re meant to be

Please understand
You’ve done nothing wrong
Just take my hand
And we’ll continue to stand strong

I’m now yours forever
Even when death does us part
You’ll always have…
The key to my heart.

By Monica Mechelle

                  Love Will Live Forever