Meaningless Words

He devourers my soul; my heart, my mind
I’m defenceless & weak almost all the time
The words I say are meaningless to him
He wants more but will I give in?
I love him more than words can say
He means more to me each & everyday
I’m exhausted from thinking about him; I’m confused
When I’m not with him & I’m weak when I’m around him

The words I say mean nothing at all
They are useless whenever I say them aloud but in
My heart every word matters; every word means the world but to the world or at least to my world they mean nothing
Clarity appears in my mind & finally I see the truth
My words are meaningful but he still wants more he needs more
Can I give him more?
I want to show him how I feel maybe then hell see it’s real
When he can feel me close to his heart; Me on his skin;
In his arms
Maybe then he’ll see how much he truly means to me


Ashwini said... Reply To This Comment

How sad when you utter words filled with so much of meaning and emotion and they are disregarded for something else (which they need).

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