One True Friend

three fingers
There is this girl, She means the world to me
Although it is hard to explain, I really wish she could see
That when I had not a reason to go on
She came into my life, Picked me up and made me strong
Although I fell down every now and then
She still was near, as my one true friend
We knew each other heart to heart
Without saying a word we were never apart
I always wanted to tell her, my one true friend
My whole life's story I thought could never end
But then one day she fell down too
I thought I was done for, I didn't know what to do
I could see the pain in here eyes,
As she tried not to cry
Everyday she came with a smile on her face
But I still could tell it was all fake
She tried to smile, but i still could see
The pain inside of her was becoming apart of me
She was full of secrets, just as I
And tried to cover up all the lil' lies
What was wrong, I had not a clue
I wanted to be there through and through
Yes I was bleeding, yes I did cry
But I could see she was bleeding more and needed someone by her side
So I stood near, just as she once stood for me
I wanted to be there, and wanted her to see
That no matter what went down or what went wrong
I would always be there with an ear to listen to her song
A song about life, a song about love
A song about anything, whatever it was
Cuz in the end after all that was said
I would still be there for my one true friend.

By Vanessa

Glad We're Friends

three small boys, black and white

We might not have been friends from the start,
But that doesn't mean you weren't always in my heart.
I wish I was friends with you from a very young age,
But its okay because when I became friends with you my life started a new page.
Our friendship means so much to me I just cant say,
I don't know what I would do without you and your thoughtful way.

During our friendship we have had a few fights,
But in the end we knew we could make it right.
Whenever I would hit a bump in life and fall,
You were there to help and you're the one who made me get through it all.
I wanted you to know I am happy we made it through,
And that one of the people I completely trusted with everything was you.

You have been there for me every step of the way,
Helping me to take life day by day.
You have helped me forget my fears,
And in the end that has stopped my tears.
Thank you so much for all you have done for me,
You made me be the best person I can be.

By Jenna

True Love

Our fingers lace perfectly
Our lips lock just right
I love when you hold me
And squeeze me so tight

You kiss me on the forehead
And whisper in my ear
Pull me closer to you
Love exactly what I hear

I've never met someone so funny
Or one who feels so right
I've never met a boy before
Who I miss so much at night

How can it be this perfect?
How can this love be true?
I have no answer besides the fact
That I will always love you.

By Taylor

My Secret

I watch you as you
whisper into her ear
If only I could tell you
the way I really feel
Its just so hard for me to see
You with her instead of me
I try so hard not to show it
because that might just blow it
I wish you could only see
That we are meant to be
This might be my only chance
Before I take that one last glance
I Love you now and always will
Its just the way I'll always feel
I know that we cant be together
But I'll wait for you forever.

By Jessica