One True Friend

three fingers
There is this girl, She means the world to me
Although it is hard to explain, I really wish she could see
That when I had not a reason to go on
She came into my life, Picked me up and made me strong
Although I fell down every now and then
She still was near, as my one true friend
We knew each other heart to heart
Without saying a word we were never apart
I always wanted to tell her, my one true friend
My whole life's story I thought could never end
But then one day she fell down too
I thought I was done for, I didn't know what to do
I could see the pain in here eyes,
As she tried not to cry
Everyday she came with a smile on her face
But I still could tell it was all fake
She tried to smile, but i still could see
The pain inside of her was becoming apart of me
She was full of secrets, just as I
And tried to cover up all the lil' lies
What was wrong, I had not a clue
I wanted to be there through and through
Yes I was bleeding, yes I did cry
But I could see she was bleeding more and needed someone by her side
So I stood near, just as she once stood for me
I wanted to be there, and wanted her to see
That no matter what went down or what went wrong
I would always be there with an ear to listen to her song
A song about life, a song about love
A song about anything, whatever it was
Cuz in the end after all that was said
I would still be there for my one true friend.

By Vanessa

Glad We're Friends

three small boys, black and white

We might not have been friends from the start,
But that doesn't mean you weren't always in my heart.
I wish I was friends with you from a very young age,
But its okay because when I became friends with you my life started a new page.
Our friendship means so much to me I just cant say,
I don't know what I would do without you and your thoughtful way.

During our friendship we have had a few fights,
But in the end we knew we could make it right.
Whenever I would hit a bump in life and fall,
You were there to help and you're the one who made me get through it all.
I wanted you to know I am happy we made it through,
And that one of the people I completely trusted with everything was you.

You have been there for me every step of the way,
Helping me to take life day by day.
You have helped me forget my fears,
And in the end that has stopped my tears.
Thank you so much for all you have done for me,
You made me be the best person I can be.

By Jenna

True Love

Our fingers lace perfectly
Our lips lock just right
I love when you hold me
And squeeze me so tight

You kiss me on the forehead
And whisper in my ear
Pull me closer to you
Love exactly what I hear

I've never met someone so funny
Or one who feels so right
I've never met a boy before
Who I miss so much at night

How can it be this perfect?
How can this love be true?
I have no answer besides the fact
That I will always love you.

By Taylor

My Secret

I watch you as you
whisper into her ear
If only I could tell you
the way I really feel
Its just so hard for me to see
You with her instead of me
I try so hard not to show it
because that might just blow it
I wish you could only see
That we are meant to be
This might be my only chance
Before I take that one last glance
I Love you now and always will
Its just the way I'll always feel
I know that we cant be together
But I'll wait for you forever.

By Jessica

Don't Drink and Drive

Whiskey Glass and Car KeysNear the door 
he paused to stand
as he took his class ring
off her hand
and all who were watching
did not speak
as a silent tear 
ran down his cheek
and through his mind
the memories ran
of the moments
they walked and ran 
on the sand hand in hand
but now her eyes were so terribly cold
for he would again 
never have her to hold
they watched in silent
as he bent near
and whispered the words
"i love you" in her ear
he stepped back and started to cry
as he put on his ring and wanted to die
just then the wind began to blow
as they lowered her casket
into the snow
this is what happens to men alive
when friends let friends
Drink and Drive!

By Kayla

Soldier is Never Off-Duty

Dedicated to the Indian Army and the Soldiers who gave away their lives today for our Secured Tomorrow.

A Big Salute to Our Soldiers who gave their Lives...
A Big Salute to Mothers who gave away the Son...
A Big Salute to Women who happily gave away their Men and is prepared to give away his Son for Mother India...
Salute to the Son/Daughters who gave away their Fathers...

Few Words by an Unknown Solider:

If I Die In A War Zone,
Box Me Up & Send Me Home,

Put My Medals On My Chest,
Tell My Mom I Did My Best,

Tell My Dad Not To Bow,
He Won't Get Tension From Me Now,

Tell My Brother To Study Perfectly,
Keys Of My Bike Will Be His Permanently,

Tell My Sis Not To Be Upset,
Her Brother Will Not Rise After This Sunset,

Tell My Love Not To Cry...

Come Back To Me Baby

I Miss you imageSince I was in the first grade I knew Justin, he was the nicest guy I ever met. Well, we started dating when I was in the fifth grade, he was in sixth; this is when I lived in New Orleans. I live in Alabama now and I was going back ever chance I got to see him, cause even though we were apart we swore we would stay together. Two years ago this summer I went back to New Orleans to see him and we were walking down his street so we could sit in his yard and catch up. Well he used to be in West(the gang for those of you who don't know) and his arch enemy who was in East decided he was gonna catch him off guard and shoot him. Well, Justin saw him coming and he thought he was going to shoot me, so he pushed me backwards onto the grass and right after he did that I heard the shots. I looked up and he was bleeding I laid him down on the ground and I was screaming for help, but no one came. I kept looking him in the eyes and for the first time ever that we had been together that he told me he loved me, and in spite of everything I couldn't tell him that I loved him, though I'm sure I did. And he will always be the one that I lost, my "Lost Love", cause I will never know what could have been.

This is to Justin, my friend, my sweetheart, my first love, I never got to tell you this but I LOVE YOU! 

By Ducky

Share Life with Me

I am incomplete, part of me is missing, and that part is you. I feel as if I have stepped back from an abyss. Reality has been a cold slap in the face. 

It has opened my eyes to the magnificent woman I want to share my life with. You are so close but you feel just out of reach. I long to hold you, caress you, and kiss your beautiful lips. 

Oh how I crave your tender touch. I gaze at you, follow the curve of your cheek down to your full sexy lips. I look into your lovely eyes and I loose myself. Your wonderful blue eyes hold me in a spell. They can be as warm as the blue sky in summer, or as cold as the glacial ice. Oh how I yearn for the warmth to return. 

I can’t wait to be near you, the day drags by and all I can think about is you. When we are in bed all I want to do is get as close to you as possible. I cherish the time I spend with you. 

My heart aches at the thought of how I treated you. It was not out of the lack of love but out of ignorance. How could I have been such a fool. 

I long to hear you say that you will stay with me forever. Oh how I wish you would say you love me, without it being an echo of my own words to you. 

I know I can make you happy, and time will heal the wounds that we have suffered. I want to grow old with you. I have watched old couples holding hands. Walking and just being together. I think thats how Lisa and I will be. I know we will be happy together. I need you, mind, body and soul. 

I realize that it will take time. I just wanted you to know how I feel. 

By Ralph

Until I Met You

Before I met you,
I thought I was happy,
and I was,
but I had never known
the rich contentment,
deep satisfaction,
and total fulfillment
you brought to me
when you came into my life.
Before I met you,
I felt a lot of things,
good things,
but I had never experienced
the indescribably intense
feelings I have for you.
Before I met you,
I thought I knew myself,
and I did,
but you looked deep inside me
and found fresh new things
for us to share.
Before I met you,
I thought I knew about love,
but I didn’t,
until I met you.

By Joanna Fuchs

I Am Sorry

PuppiesI am sorry that I made you cry, 
It hurts me so bad that I want to die.
In you I have found a love that is true,
And my heart is filled with love for you.
I am sorry that I have hurt you and you are in pain,
But without you, my life will not be the same.
As I sit here writing this to you,
I am crying, thinking how much I was a fool.
I love you so much and I am sorry that we got into a fight,
I just wish that I could have made it up to you on that night,
I don't want to break up and I wish we didn't have this fight,
I just wish that this were so,
I never have loved anyone else as much as I loved you,
I thought that you should know.
I am sorry whatever should I do?
I want to take the time and apologize to you.
You fill my heart with joy, and you make my life complete,
Every time you come around me my heart skips a beat.
I leave my phone on and I lye by it every night,
Just in case you call me if you feel something is not right.
Every night I think of you as I lye in the dark,
And I close my eyes and I see you holding on to me with your head against my heart.
Before I go and put this poem to an end,
I want to say I am sorry and it will never happen again.

Jamie I am sorry we fought 
And I love you so much
Please forgive me.

© Bobby Brownlie

Heaven Sent Love

Happy Couple
Sitting in my friends room one night, we were chatting on the computer. It seemed like nothing at all. Just seeing what types of guys were online chatting. Well she started talking to this one guy in particular. They hit it off and I never thought anything of it. Sometimes while I was online he would appear and I would start chatting with him. Nothing special at all, just talk. On one very special Friday night, I was at home with nothing to do. My friend had left me hanging to go out with her boyfriend when we already had plans. So I just ended up staying at home and chatting on the computer. Well that guy was on again. I talked to him for a bit but he had to take a flight to Oregon. So that was that. Well on Saturday night, he came back from Oregon and he was on the computer chatting as usual. So was I. We struck up a conversation again. We chatted for hours until I got tired. We told each other that we would see each other online tomorrow at around 3 p.m. Sure enough I hopped onto the computer at 3 p.m. and he was on. We chatted for most of the day and into the night. He said that he had classes tomorrow so we said our good-byes. Then on Monday morning, I saw him online again. He told me that he would be on the computer later and to meet him on again. So I did. But this time it was different. He said "bye babes". I was like "whoa". Just a little too fast. But on Monday night we met on the computer and I ended up giving him my phone number. I never do this now, but he was an exception. I don't know why but he was. He called my house and we talked on the phone for hours. Then something happens, it was weird, we found out that we know each other from church. We seen each at church. I was like what a small world it is. Everyday since then we have been talking on the phone non-stop. He left for Oregon that Friday night and called me everyday at every chance he had. He told me stuff like he missed me and is always thinking of me. When he got back, we went to the movies together with all of our friends. We sat next to each other and nothing physical happened. We talked about our situations and told each other that we need to take things slow. He has to focus on college and me on work. So we talk on the phone everyday and see each other as much as we can. The only thing that we do not say yet is that we "love each other" and we do not have the status as a couple. We are no longer seeing anyone and talk to no one else but each other. The reason why I call this story and him my "heaven sent love" is because of this. I just recently ended a relationship of 4 years. He was cheated on me and lying to me all along. I had a hard time dealing with this. I had lost my job because of my ex and I was losing him along with that. I thought I could never love again. One day while crying and saying a prayer, I asked God to help lead me in the right direction in my life. The next day, that was when I met my new love, Braden. As soon as we met and talked we hit it off. I have never experienced a love like this and I know that he is truly the one. Shortly after meeting him, I got my dream job and my dream man. All thanks to God sending me my "Heaven Sent Love"!

By Rayel


Snow CoupleIt was a freezing cold night in July last year, I had a bad dose of the flu, but had a compulsive need to go out to my favorite Metal Club.
That night, I was dancing like my life depended on it, enjoying my new found single status and the freedom that being alone allows. 

I glanced up, saw my man dancing towards me, we smiled into each others eyes and kissed immediately. It was much better than my first kiss.

That night I took William home with me. One the Sunday he told me he loved me, and on Monday night he proposed.

We have been living together since the night we met and got married on 23 June, this year, 11 months to the day after we met. 

Yesterday we signed for our dream house.

From the moment we met, William and I knew that we had, and always will be together forever.

By Pam Andrews

Father's Eyes

Shh baby, please don't cry,
Let's let mommy sleep tonight.
I'll rock you here, in my arms.
I love you girl, with all my heart.

I can't believe that I'm a Daddy,
Honestly, it's pretty scary.
I wonder what you'll be, when you grow up,
Where you'll live or who you'll love.

I promise to read you bedtime stories,
Tuck you in, and calm your worries.
I promise to be there for you,
Through all the hard times you'll go through.

Kindergarten orientation,
Twelfth grade graduation.
Every step along the way,
Every night and every day.

I'll be there, by your side,
To wipe the tears out of your eyes.
Goodnight honey, Goodnight girl,
Eleven pounds, your my whole world.

Look at life, all the hate and lies, But things sure are different through a father's eyes.
Now there's a reason for me to try,

I'm looking at her,
through a father's eyes.

- By Bryan

The second chance of a life time!!

Well a year ago i got the lucky chance to get hooked up with this lovely girl Sharon, she was everything i was looking for in a girl,smart,funny,a sense of humor matching mine, and beautiful!I almost shit when i asked her out and she said yes.I was overwhelmed with joy.We were together for a week and three days then she decided it was time to move on.My heart was broken, i fell into a depression and cried for a week, then finally pulled myself together and decided it was time to let go.Going to school every day and seeing her tore me apart inside,but i never let it show.Then me and this other girl,Jessica,we were together almost a year when she decided to break my heart.In that time we made love,took showers together and had the time of our lives!I actually thought she was "The One",but guess i was wrong.She broke up with me on the 10th of September and on the 28th would've been a year.So i took the break up really hard,but to my surprise Sharon was there for me!And to say the least old feelings started to return for her.So...silence me and Jessica had been through so damn much,her feelings also remained for me.Last Thursday (September 19,2002)Jessica decided to ask me back out,so i said yes forgetting about me and Sharon.Then later on that night Sharon called me, and i knew i had to break the news to her.Then we started talking and she told me her feelings for me, and she really liked me and always has.It turns out the reason she broke up with me had nothing to do with love.So after that i broke the news to her, and she got sad(she may not admit it, but I knew she was hurt)I then told her that she should've told me this the day before...and it was left at that.The next day at school,I saw Jessica,so i gave her a hug and a big kiss.I knew Sharon was right there,and I cant imagine how it felt for her to see that.I felt bad about it like all day.During lunch time Jessica came up to me and told me that we had to talk,we went off by our selves and we talked.It turns out that she had found out about me and Sharon, and that she liked me a lot, and that my feelings had also returned.She was pissed to say the least.She said "Every-time you talk to her,or touch her I'm going to think that something is going on between the two of you" so i asked her straight up "So you don't trust me?" she said "No" so then after fighting about my feelings we eventually broke up yet again!So i was pissed,hurt,and sad at the same time.I got over Jessica later that day,because of my feelings for Sharon,and decided it was time to move on.I called Sharon later on and at the end of our conversation i asked her out,it was quite for a little so my heart started racing because I was nervous,then she said yes!I was so excited and so happy!!So far for the past three days we've been together has been the best,we both make each other equally happy!We haven't said those three magic words yet,but I'm pretty sure that we both know that we do.We haven't kissed yet either.Most times that would be a problem,but with her I'll wait forever for anything!!I love her with all my heart,to which she holds the key to.Sharon if you are reading this,I love you cutie!!

By James Tankersley

Memories Of You

Golden brown autumn leaves are falling from the trees as the weather is getting colder, signifying the end of summer and that winter is fast approaching.
I looked up into the skies to see a whirl wind of colors, dancing to sounds of its own melody as I think of someone dear to me...
I realized that we were miles apart but still under the same blue cotton skies of the day and the same bright starry skies of the night...
I found little comfort knowing this as I felt a pain in heart as the truth of this harsh reality came over me...
I realized that you were gone and I am left here by my self, alone only to be engulfed by memories of the times that we shared together...

With each passing day
I thought that things would become easier but instead
I am torn by emotions of sorrow, regret and joy as I think of things that I did and didn't do with you.
O how much I missed you...
As I close my eyes, I can picture you in my mind's eye.
You are looking beautiful and wonderful as ever.
I think of your smile, your laughter and the sound of your voice along with your warm embrace...
Little things that seemed insignificant before are now the things I hold most dear in my heart as I struggle to try to remember every detail, trying not to forget but the more I tried to hold on to those precious moments the more intense the pain of being without you becomes...
Tears flow through my eyes Jaan...all the time ..
U can't afford all this Jaan ...but I can I have given you my life....

Instead of remembering, I wanted to now forget everything... I wanted to run away and hide from my feelings as I am lost without you but the more I struggled to escape from these emotional bonds that held me captive to this torment, the more it became clear that I am crazy about you and that I was in fact so madly and deeply in love with you...
I can give my life for you...
By - Lubaina Raaj