The Inspiration

Boy on knees Proposing girl
The inspiration to my life,
Is the person in my poems.
You gave me hope,
When I was lost.
Now that I am found,
I am bound, 
With you.

I'm in love with you now
That I Have found.
You are my light,
When around is night.

I love you,
You love me.
I ask You now,
On bended knee.
Will you marry me,
And be my wife forever.
By Lane Roger Ashcraft
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Girl In Love, sunsetWhen I see your smiling face,
When I gaze into your eyes,
My heart just misses a beat
And I get butterflies. 
You confuse all my senses,
I can hardly breathe.
I want to hold you forever
Because I never want you to leave. 
No words do it justice,
It's in the heart and mind.
I explode when you touch me
And it swims deep inside. 
When our eyes and lips meet
And we get lost in a loving kiss,
My whole body just tingles
As I drift though memory's bliss. 
Do you feel what I'm feeling?
Does your boat capsize?
When our hearts become one,
Do you get these butterflies?
By Xalthia Orion Star
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My Heart's Journey

hearts of black and white pearls
I set out to find my soul-mate,
and ended up with a heart-ache.
I'd had other boyfriends in the past, 
but none of them would last.
I was sure he would stay.

When he told me the thousands of broken promises,
it seemed like he was telling the truth; 
only to find out he was telling lies.

After he left, that's when I met you.
It was love at first sight.
I was sure you had to be "Mr. Right."
By Donna Carter 
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Love United

boy sitting on chair crying black and white image
Love united is like two people uniting
Their love and coming as one
Their heart coming as one and their souls

Love united is power of love
Uniting a person mind and soul

When a person is united with 
Love they are made whole
A person love can never unfold

Love can hurt 
Love can bring pain
Love can bring shame

If your love was united
You wouldn't have this pain...
By Tamara Shanae Stoutgirl
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Daddy's Arms

mother and newborn baby girlOh, my little girl
such pure joy you bring
Tiny hands on my breast,
a rosebud mouth feeding

Created from the purest 
love of my heart.
A gift from God,
given me,
I proudly present you
to your daddy.

The man of my life,
long awaited
Such pride in his girls,
he holds us both
as i feed you.

I feel his tears 
on my skin 
as he shares his joy of you.
I sigh....
and relax into him,
held gently in his arms.

My life... complete
God gave me daddy
And daddy gave me you.
I Love You Jenna.....

By - Ella  Kay
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Beyond a Distance

Through the clouds
and beyond the stars,
My thoughts of you
seem so far.
I feel so close
yet, you are miles away,
Beyond my touch
is where you stay.
I try to jump
but can't get that high,
You drift up close
towards the ongoing sky.
Out of my reach
and far from my sight,
Until all that is left of you
is one burning light.
A star in the sky
is what you now are to me,
The farthest one
for me to see.
So, I make a wish
on this shining star,
That you will always think of me
Beyond this distance that is so far.
by Brooklynn Kirkwood

Truly Meant To Be

girl and boy in love
As I look into your eyes,
I think to myself, off in my mind,
I realize the way you really are,
Sweet, loving, caring, and truly kind.

I am getting the sudden sensation,
That we were meant to be,
At least now, though I hope forever,
This is the real happy me!

I really feel as though I can,
Just sit and talk to you like this,
About my deepest problems and fears,
Hoping you can make them disappear with a kiss.

I will always be there for you,
As I hope you are for me,
Right now you hold the key to my heart,
You and I are truly meant to be.
by Erin A. Zimmerman
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