R A I N D R O P S…

I look up at the sky
The rain plunging to my face
It feels like tears are captivating over me
As I wonder where you are

It wasn't long ago
That we stood here
Watching the raindrops plunge to our faces
While each drop gently fell over us
You would be smiling and laughing
I remember your love
Your joy for life
So full of energy and strength


Now that's all been swept away
As you left me motionless
Without a good-bye
This used to be our special place
When the angels would come out
Just to hear us play
The forceful energy of ecstasy that we always brought
Is no longer within you or, me I assume
Now I'm standing out here in isolation
Thinking about you

What we once had
All alone in the middle of the rain
I can't help but think
If you were still here
What would our lives be like
Rain and Traffic
The rain has suddenly stopped
Without an explanation
All the birds have come out
To chirp a graceful song
It's so peaceful
As the wind blows
Through my hair
I feel so helpless
That I have to look beyond
And look upon
At everything we once had

Now this long lost love
Has gone away
To a special place
For, I no longer belong there
With her…


Saru Singhal said... Reply To This Comment

So so beautiful especially the words my heart is silent.

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