I'm Missing You Like Crazy

I'm missing you like crazy,
And my loneliness is soaring high,
Would give anything to be with you,
How I badly wish that I could fly.

The seas have come now between us,
All I do, is wait for your call,
You've gone for only sometime though,
But taken from me, life with it all.

I miss how we used to talk and share,
How for long, we would cuddle and play,
missing you

Tired, you would throw yourself to bed,
Then in my arms, asleep, you would lay.

I miss how we held hands and walked,
How for long, we did things for fun,
Under the moonlight, we would just lay,
And then on the beach we would run.

I can clearly hear your heart cry,
Telling me that you're feeling blue,
With this bond that we share between us,
I'm sure that you hear mine too.


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