The Best Way to Tell if a Boy is Really in Love With You, or He’s Just Saying it Because You Did

Isn’t love strange sometimes? It’s hard to tell up from down or hot from cold when it comes to love
and men. It seems like we try so hard sometimes to make our men happy, but then we end up getting
disappointed right? There are men out there ladies that are quite grand too, it’s finding them that is
the hard part. Figuring out whether a boy is really into us is one of the most difficult, agonizing, and
stressful times when being in, or starting a relationship. Some men can be so distant and shy, but
others can be suffocating. How do you tell if a boy really loves you, or if he’s just saying the three
little words because you are?
In my opinion, a woman just knows when she found a man that actually adores her. Where did you
meet this fellow? How did you meet this fellow? If you met in a night club and he offered you drinks
the whole night my guess is that he is out to have a good time. If you met through a mutual friend
who was having a relaxed dinner party that night, and you got to talk and laugh and get to know
each other, as well as exchange phone numbers, that is a different story. Either way, if the man you
are interested in is also crazy about you, he will make it known one way or another. He will call you
and invite you on another date, or he will have something very nice planned for you just to be able to
see you smile. If he is still interested in you, he will find a way to stay in contact with you over the
next couple of weeks, if not plan to see you several times. Now is when you may know whether or
not your relationship will get deeper and more serious.
You can tell in a man’s voice whether he is happy to be talking to you on the phone, and you can tell
by a man’s facial expressions when you are face to face. If he sounds excited, happy, and can’t wait
to see you, or even says “love you” before saying goodbye, that’s a pre love term meaning he most
likely will say “ I Love You” very soon. When you are face to face and he is looking at you straight
in the eyes when you are talking to him, that means that he is interested in what you are saying and
that he cares. When men can’t even keep eye contact or tend to change the subject to football that is
a red flag.
If you’ve been with the same man for several months and you have both been saying the “L” word,
how do you feel when he says it to you? Do you feel like it’s repetitive? He’s always said it in the
morning, on the phone, and at bedtime, so that’s when he’s used to saying it? Or does he come out of
nowhere and just tell you how beautiful you are, and how much he loves you? Does your man like
to help you with things, such as, dishes, cleaning, making the bed, etc. ? Will he go out of his way to
make you happy? Or does he do what he wants to do and expect you to go along with it as long as
he says “ I love You?”
There’s so much to say on this subject that it is hard to fit it all in one article. Listen to your heart
and your mind. Always take advice from others, and most important, love yourself.


Saru Singhal said... Reply To This Comment

What women want?
No one knows.
What men wants?
No one can figure out.

Jay said... Reply To This Comment

@Saru Singhal: Its a True Quote... :)

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