You've touched my life so deeply

I sit here, staring at this blank page
Not knowing how to talk to you.
My head is screaming but my heart is silent.
You don't know the power you have over me.
You've touched my life so deeply.

How could we have been so ignorant... 
Not to realize how much we mean to each other?
We told each other what we see in each other
What we've been looking for so long.
But you still don't know how much you mean.
You've touched my life so deeply.
How did you let me go on believing
That you don't love me back?
So you tell me you love me, and now
You want me to meet your Husband?

How could you do this to me?
You've touched my life so deeply.

I know now that when you say "hello"
What you really mean is "I love you"
And after loving you for so long, 
Knowing that you love me means so much, 
But you love somebody else.  
Touch him as you've touched me.


subtlescribbler said... Reply To This Comment

I so so loveeddd this poem of urs..its poignant and touching! raw emotions that strike a chord instantly...glad to have stumbled on ur blog..following u :)

keep writing!


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