Want to get over A breakup?? Read This...

Hello folks, So you want to get over a break up right? May be you you had a break up today, yesterday or even  before much more time, its a past now. No matter whose mistake it was, wether situations were not in your favor, or your partner ditched you, still it will remain past and you cannot change it. So once you have decided that you want to move on, but you remember that person again and again thats where you fail to get over it. Its not just with you, but it is possible to get over.

There are many ways to get over, but you must be firm that you want to move on...

-Divert your Mind, when his memories come to your mind, do anything if you don't have any work then divert your mind to some creative idea, creative ideas makes you feel good at core.
-Do whatever makes your feel good, watch cartoons, watch reality shows (not on relationships), watch baby videos or funny pet videos, anything which makes you feel good, be sure that you feel good
-Hangout with your friends, and try to make new friends, new friends change the world around you (it is a Psychology).
-If you can travel, go to some places for a change any place where there is lots of nature, i.e. greenery, mountains, etc.
-Never tell to yourself you want to forget him/her, it is the first step you will remember him/her.
-If any of your friends talk about him, change the topic. Never do conversation regarding him.
-Last--- Do not listen sad music. 

Always yours,
J'D (Jay Dave)


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