Signs That Show That Your Girlfriend Is In Love with You

litte-girl-in-love-3Does she love you? How do you know for sure? Is there a way to know for sure? Of course it is and it’s not that complicated. Signs are there, you just have to see them. Misery, frustration, anger and all the other negative emotions are all different in their own way but happiness, joy and love are all the same. All women that truly love their men are the same. Here are a couple of “signs” to let you know if your girlfriend is in love with you. I call them “signs” because they aren’t something that is visual, they are more than that - it’s something that comes from within her, from her heart.
1. She is joyful and genuinely happy.
There is a great saying that goes like this: “The most important sign of a healthy relationship is the laughter of the woman”. If a woman is in love with you, she is smiling and laughing most of the time, she is happy and her joy is like a beam of light noticeable by all people around her. Why is she happy? Because she finally met someone to dedicate herself to. This is what most women want and when they finally meet that man, they can never be happier. They have been waiting for this all their lives.
2. All she wants is to make you happy.
A woman that is in love with you she lets you see her vulnerable heart by offering her service to you. She wants to serve you and she wants to do EVERYTHING to make you happy. It doesn’t matter if she hated something before, but now it’s worth to do anything for the man that she loves. She becomes a warrior of love for you doing everything and anything, because from the bottom of her heart she knows that Love means Service and giving her gifts to the one she loves.


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