Love Is The Purest Emotion In the Soul Of Universe.

Love is the purest feeling, that we will ever witness . It is the fuel that moves the subconscious and  conscious forces. Pure love maybe even helps the hyperconscies to accelerate. For the love of beings there have been created immortal works of literature, art and construction. Love created heroic  acts in work, creation and battles.Love lifted sick people of their death bed, rose personalities that seemed lost forever. Pure love knows no old age, it starts when you’re young  and ends with the last breath.                                                                                                                                                                                                                Love is capable of miraculous transformations in human personality,only if it is true and clean. Afterwards, when love sits down and stabilizes, it acts constantly like a well maintained fire, all springing puritetea viata. From what does the purity of love springs ? The purity of love springs from the soul of pure human feelings such as:
A.      >The sense of completion in terms of affection , a union of souls , in order to form  the entire upper vital - a man and a woman. This feeling of pure soul attraction, is very powerful, is completed  in subsidiary with sexual attraction, but the soul remains dominant. Sex subsides after a few minutes, but love does not run out ,as an eternal fire.
B.      >Purity of love springs from a sense of emotional security, a feeling which is  stronger than many others. In this uncertain world that we live in,  every person’s soul  craves for security and supreme safety.
C.      >Purity of love comes from multiplying psychophysical forces. They are multiplied by: autosuggestion and positive suggestions that we make, unconsciously
                                               Pure love should not be confused with passion, no matter how burning it seems.
Love is an essential condition to achieve success in all fields as :scientific, professional, economic, political, social, sports, etc..True love passes easily over trouble, material  shortages ,  disease and other tests.


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