My Love Always…

Love for your eyes, love for your smile
Where is good for your body than silence admire,
No, I'm gonna love you if it will be for love,
This will get you for the gift of every day
Close to me without end, for the love of your soul,
Because your behaviour one day lose its flame,
It may, however, that the years and tears,
Will wither your body, your eyes sorcerers,
Your seductive charms, your feminine grace,
Everything I love so much, this young kid air,
Everything will abandon you. Will I despise you?
Because ephemeral ran break
Against age, the penalty or against the alarms?
I will then add to your misery tears?
Am I in your eyes haggard, throw you my scorn?
Will I get hurt by a haughty contempt?
Sully the memory, imbued with tenderness
Friend of the past, our moments of intoxication?
Will I finally deserting the bed the first day
Where our two chairs in a sealed their love?
No, no I'm gonna love for love itself,
For this part of God, for this supreme faith.


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