Want to avoid a Break Up : Read this

A love break up is very painful and if have faced such a break up, you know how it feels like. After a break up, if you look back, you will realize all the signs that you could not see during the relationship. If you learn from these signs and keep them in mind for the future, it may help you to avoid a break up in the future or even if a break up happens, it might help you to get back after you have split.
You come to know that a break up might happen when there is lack of physical contact. Physical contact does not necessarily mean sex. However, there are times in a relationship, when there are lots of sex and when it is less. This is natural. However, in case, if you find that your partner has lost interest in you, it is a sign of the end of a relationship.
For instance, if your partner avoids holding your hand in a public place or if he refuses to put an arm around you in a movie hall, he may be on the verge of ending the relationship. Any sudden changes are signals that can tell you the position of your relationship and whether your partner is interested in you or wants a break up.
However, it is not to be taking for granted that your partner moving away from your touch is a sign of an upcoming break up. There can be a number of reasons for your partner not wanting to be touched at the given moment. Communicate with your partner. It is by having a clear conversation can solve out many things. By conversing with him, you may come to know what actually he is going through.
It may be at the time when you touched your partner; he or she may have been engrossed in some thoughts or may have been surprised by your touch. On the other hand, it may be your touch signals sex to him, he might have not been in the mood of sex, and that he showed it to you by moving away. Therefore, you cannot say that avoiding touch is a signal of love break up.
Your partner may not be in a good mood. Each signal is not a signal of love break up. You need to assess your partner closely for a while before arriving at any decision. You need to find out if the change in your partner’s behavior was occasional, or it happened only at certain situations or it was a permanent change in his part.
If you catch your partner lying to you, it can be signs of a love break up. By trying to hide one small lie, it can grow into thousands of lies. However, you have to differentiate between harmless lies and lies that are to be use for plotting a love break up. For instance, if your partner wants to throw you a surprise party, he may lie to you. These are harmless lies. So lying does not necessarily mean that it is the signal of a love break up.


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