If only for a moment….

If only for a moment
can we hold each other dear,
for the times I spent the nights with you
are the times that I hold near.
At times I think that what we have isn't really fair,
for what would take my breath away is a simple cut of hair.
Time and time again, I think of you, my friend...
the only one I truly love, I'll love you to the end.
You said you didn't love me, but maybe I'm retarded
the only thing I feel right now is my love will not be thwarted.
If living in that snowflake is what you really do,
I'll climb down from my mountain, to see you love me too.
Why did you leave!? Why did you go!?
An answer that eludes me,
one that I keep stowed.
I showed you my heart, like a flower not for pocket
It was really something I had wished you'd keep right inside your locket.
I hope you still do!
I hope you still do!
I really do love you


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