My Promise

I understand that you've been hurt in the
past, and this is my promise to you that
i will never be like your last.......
But instead your first and only, first one
that you were with that didn't leave you
cold and lonely..........
First one that you were with that has no
intentions of doing you wrong, thought
you had forgotten how to
love because
its been so long......

Well I'm here to change all of that, and
bring the
love and joy back.....
To a girl broken hearted, and to finish
what they started.....
To show her what being in
love is really
all about, so she can finally have something
to laugh and smile about......
When i first met you i knew that you were
looking for a fresh start, looking for someone
here to stay who wont run off and leave
with your heart.......
Well I'm here now to
love you unconditionally,
right here by your side and that's where i will
always be, I promise......


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