Tips for Earning the Love of a Woman

couples_heart_6tqqEarning the love a woman is something much simpler than one might think. People all over the world are trying to make the whole thing incredibly complicated. The problem is that most men don’t know what to look for in a woman and that is why they end up in wrong relationships. Here are a couple of tips that will help you earn the love of your lady:
1. Make sure you are compatible.
This is by far the hardest thing of all: meeting the right woman. Most people don’t realize how important temperamental and personality compatibility is. Nature intended to make some people get along naturally and others to repel themselves naturally as well. So before a woman feels that she loves you, she has to feel that you are compatible with her, that you need what she is offering and that she needs what you are offering. Of course all this is happening mostly on an unconscious level. If your relationship is not going smooth, for the most part, from the beginning, it was never meant to be.
2. Be honest and open.
There is no love without honesty and openness. This is a vague concept for most people because it seems very hard. It is very hard if you have associated love with being dishonest and telling people what they want to hear all the time. Sometimes loves means telling a painful truth and that is important. Suffering brings us closer and a loving relationship is filled with painful truths. In a loving relationship, where a woman absolutely loves you and adores you, there has to be a sense of genuine connection. She needs to feel you when you are on the verge of success but equally in the same time when you are down in pain and despair. She needs to FEEL you completely to love you.


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