My Deepest Fear

In the beginning it seemed so perfect
The first night we were alone together
It seemed like it was so perfect

Each day, the harder I tried
Each day, it seemed like he had so much to hide
There is nothing more I could offer him
It seems he just can't be satisfied

I feel his presence when he is near
And for his touch my body cries
But when he smiles and walks away
My heart begans to fade

He is aware, I'm sure he knows
Of my everlasting devotion
To him it's just a game
Of what he can get and then run away
But all he is doing is toying with my emotions

So now I sit here and cry
'Cause he isn't here
But he never was
And that is what I feared.
By Meradith Ashlee Zadnik

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sunil deepak said... Reply To This Comment

If he was never there and has finally gone (only because you couldn't kick him off yourself) why cry? Rejoice and build your self confidecne so that you don't fall next time for a guy like that!

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