A Special Feeling

I knew it was special from the very start,
It envelopes my body, my core, my heart.
A shining, uplifting, persistent feeling,
It embraces and warms my entire being.

This special feeling lights my soul on fire,
It burns with amazing delight, warm desire.
How lucky I am to have this in my life,
A most cherished feeling, wonderfully nice.

Let me name this feeling, it is all about you,
It is my undying, everlasting love for you.
I love you, my dearest sweetheart,
Nothing in the world can keep us apart.  

Copyright Gabor Timis

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Ghazala Hossain said... Reply To This Comment

A lovely poem :)

Jay_Dave said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks dear... I dedicated this poem to ma gf... :)

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