Where You Belong

Michael douglas and catherine zeta jones lip kiss
Four walls around me
And a radio softly playing
Tears slowly creeping
Down my saturated cheeks

For try as I might
To leave your memory behind
I?m not able to dismiss
These sweet memories
Of you and I.

The look in your eyes
The sound of your voice
The loving caress of your hands
And the beautiful feeling
Of being held in your arms.

And how I still can recall
Your fingers entwined in my hair
And the crushing weight
Of your lips upon mine.

My soul is overflowed
Of you and I
Together in love
Together in lust.

Inseparable it seemed
Or at least I thought
I?ve so tried to understand
Why you thought you had to go

But when the world out there
Betrays you
And you?ve nowhere else to run
I?ll be here waiting 
For you to return
Back to my arms
Where you belong
By   A. Eaton
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