Daddy's Arms

mother and newborn baby girlOh, my little girl
such pure joy you bring
Tiny hands on my breast,
a rosebud mouth feeding

Created from the purest 
love of my heart.
A gift from God,
given me,
I proudly present you
to your daddy.

The man of my life,
long awaited
Such pride in his girls,
he holds us both
as i feed you.

I feel his tears 
on my skin 
as he shares his joy of you.
I sigh....
and relax into him,
held gently in his arms.

My life... complete
God gave me daddy
And daddy gave me you.
I Love You Jenna.....

By - Ella  Kay
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                 True Romance  


Cynosure said... Reply To This Comment

that was awesome one Jay...
GOD bless u all... :)
Cyno... :)

Jay_Dave said... Reply To This Comment

 Thanks Paji... :)

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