Be Yourself

Things will never be good
It hurts so much
This friend thing is hard to do
Because you've changed a bunch

You're nothing like you used to be
That bothers me a lot
I wish you would just act normal
But you're not

Sometimes I just want to strangle you
Sometimes I just want to yell
That would only make things worse
So I hold back, but someday I may not do so well

Why do you have to be so stupid?
Why do you have to act so weird?
All this is driving me nuts
This is what I most feared

I don't want you back
I just want to be your friend
But I don't think that can happen
Because this will take a while to mend

You don't have to act completely different
Just because we're not going out
I wish you would just be yourself
That ever happening is something I doubt
By Bridgette Marie Sowinski
Also See : This I promise you
                 Everlasting Whispers 


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