Each one of us desires that we put on the “new person” and begin to walk the new way of showing our love towards them. Basically, there are no certain established ways for the guys to show to their girlfriend how much love would mean to them. Yes, there are a lot of books, movies, newspaper articles, talks and speeches regarding this matter but still, it didn’t totally solve and suggest such a thing for the mere fact that once we are to show something, it can not be imitated from somebody but rather goes back to our own self. Showing our love is too subjective and personal and for that reason, I couldn’t cite any of those sources I stated above but rather from a very reliable source of all – my own personal experience on this matter.

We all have our own share of difficulties. As we go up the ladder of growth it becomes bigger. Our initial reaction is to back out from them, to waver, to quit because most of us guys are not that open when it comes into showing and expressing our emotions or feelings towards ladies. So, what would then be my ways? There is only one way I could suggest but it would involve a lot of things that goes with it. It’s just so simple… BE WITH HER ALWAYS.

These are just four letter words or phrase but then, it involves a lot of things. Man, as a person, never reveals himself in isolation but always in his togetherness with others. The indubitable fact is that human existence is always an existence of relationships.

Being with her always involves your willingness to listen to her at all times may it be of sense or no sense at all. Your willingness to listen clearly speaks and shows that you care for her at all and that you are with her. When one starts to listen, his or her attention is focus on you and that the one who speaks becomes the center of the others attention too. In such a way, both of them could acquire what we call a sense of a good communication at all. When both of them have this kind of setting, both of them would then sense the importance that they both have and has to share.

Being with her always involves acceptance. One can not be one with the beloved if there is no acceptance of and from each other. When one accepts, that means he or she has nothing to hide anymore from the other. Through acceptance one has no control or does not hesitates to tell whatever he or she had been doing since there is already the presence of self-esteem being develop. When both of them learn to accept each other, they also learn to be closer with each other and that they build more self confidence in them.

Being with her always allows the two of them to discover new things and experiences that they both could share in their togetherness. When the started to discover things among themselves may it be good or bad, they also started to show each other how much their love really means for each other.

I believe, that with their togetherness would clearly explains and add their knowledge on resolving conflicts they met along the way and that would strengthen more of that what we call love they wanted to share and live forever.


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