One True Friend

three fingers
There is this girl, She means the world to me
Although it is hard to explain, I really wish she could see
That when I had not a reason to go on
She came into my life, Picked me up and made me strong
Although I fell down every now and then
She still was near, as my one true friend
We knew each other heart to heart
Without saying a word we were never apart
I always wanted to tell her, my one true friend
My whole life's story I thought could never end
But then one day she fell down too
I thought I was done for, I didn't know what to do
I could see the pain in here eyes,
As she tried not to cry
Everyday she came with a smile on her face
But I still could tell it was all fake
She tried to smile, but i still could see
The pain inside of her was becoming apart of me
She was full of secrets, just as I
And tried to cover up all the lil' lies
What was wrong, I had not a clue
I wanted to be there through and through
Yes I was bleeding, yes I did cry
But I could see she was bleeding more and needed someone by her side
So I stood near, just as she once stood for me
I wanted to be there, and wanted her to see
That no matter what went down or what went wrong
I would always be there with an ear to listen to her song
A song about life, a song about love
A song about anything, whatever it was
Cuz in the end after all that was said
I would still be there for my one true friend.

By Vanessa


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