The second chance of a life time!!

Well a year ago i got the lucky chance to get hooked up with this lovely girl Sharon, she was everything i was looking for in a girl,smart,funny,a sense of humor matching mine, and beautiful!I almost shit when i asked her out and she said yes.I was overwhelmed with joy.We were together for a week and three days then she decided it was time to move on.My heart was broken, i fell into a depression and cried for a week, then finally pulled myself together and decided it was time to let go.Going to school every day and seeing her tore me apart inside,but i never let it show.Then me and this other girl,Jessica,we were together almost a year when she decided to break my heart.In that time we made love,took showers together and had the time of our lives!I actually thought she was "The One",but guess i was wrong.She broke up with me on the 10th of September and on the 28th would've been a year.So i took the break up really hard,but to my surprise Sharon was there for me!And to say the least old feelings started to return for her.So...silence me and Jessica had been through so damn much,her feelings also remained for me.Last Thursday (September 19,2002)Jessica decided to ask me back out,so i said yes forgetting about me and Sharon.Then later on that night Sharon called me, and i knew i had to break the news to her.Then we started talking and she told me her feelings for me, and she really liked me and always has.It turns out the reason she broke up with me had nothing to do with love.So after that i broke the news to her, and she got sad(she may not admit it, but I knew she was hurt)I then told her that she should've told me this the day before...and it was left at that.The next day at school,I saw Jessica,so i gave her a hug and a big kiss.I knew Sharon was right there,and I cant imagine how it felt for her to see that.I felt bad about it like all day.During lunch time Jessica came up to me and told me that we had to talk,we went off by our selves and we talked.It turns out that she had found out about me and Sharon, and that she liked me a lot, and that my feelings had also returned.She was pissed to say the least.She said "Every-time you talk to her,or touch her I'm going to think that something is going on between the two of you" so i asked her straight up "So you don't trust me?" she said "No" so then after fighting about my feelings we eventually broke up yet again!So i was pissed,hurt,and sad at the same time.I got over Jessica later that day,because of my feelings for Sharon,and decided it was time to move on.I called Sharon later on and at the end of our conversation i asked her out,it was quite for a little so my heart started racing because I was nervous,then she said yes!I was so excited and so happy!!So far for the past three days we've been together has been the best,we both make each other equally happy!We haven't said those three magic words yet,but I'm pretty sure that we both know that we do.We haven't kissed yet either.Most times that would be a problem,but with her I'll wait forever for anything!!I love her with all my heart,to which she holds the key to.Sharon if you are reading this,I love you cutie!!

By James Tankersley


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