Father's Eyes

Shh baby, please don't cry,
Let's let mommy sleep tonight.
I'll rock you here, in my arms.
I love you girl, with all my heart.

I can't believe that I'm a Daddy,
Honestly, it's pretty scary.
I wonder what you'll be, when you grow up,
Where you'll live or who you'll love.

I promise to read you bedtime stories,
Tuck you in, and calm your worries.
I promise to be there for you,
Through all the hard times you'll go through.

Kindergarten orientation,
Twelfth grade graduation.
Every step along the way,
Every night and every day.

I'll be there, by your side,
To wipe the tears out of your eyes.
Goodnight honey, Goodnight girl,
Eleven pounds, your my whole world.

Look at life, all the hate and lies, But things sure are different through a father's eyes.
Now there's a reason for me to try,

I'm looking at her,
through a father's eyes.

- By Bryan


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