Walk Away

I'm glad you are happy,
but I'm miserable.
No closure,
is there a chance?

I sit here for hours
trying to comprehend.
So I've realized...
I love you more than life itself,
but somehow,
we've grown apart.

You say you love me
but you can't.
You walked away...
If you truly loved me,
you would've realized.
No matter what, 
I'll always love you.

Right now it seems,
I took you for granted
and you left...
was I not perfect enough?
I gave you my all,
and you said you'd...
always love me.

You walked away.
I'm hoping you'll come back,
but realizing you won't.
When she's gone and 
you have nowhere to go,
remember that
...YOU walked away.

I can't forget all
the memories.
With that, though,
I remember the lies.
You broke my heart when
you walked away.

You've lost me...
because I will never forget
the day you walked away.
Slowly it destroys me.
I've lost you.
If you ever grow-up
and realize what you want,
my love will always stay true.

Set things straight
but my return I doubt, 
because now,
...I'm walking away.
By - Unknown 


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