Last Words

Last Words
Always remember what we had,
And what we said,
I was always there for you,
Even after you broke my heart in two,
I know how to forgive and forget,
I hope you meant, that it, you regret,
Life's too short to waste with you,
You treated me badly and you knew,
I am ready to move on,
I knew this would happen it wouldn't be long,
My friends were here by my side,
When I found out you had lied,
You promised you'd never hurt me,
Now I am glad you set me free,
I don't need this I'd rather die,
And it's all over you deceiving lie,
I want you to know one last thing,
I still don't think this was a fling,
I know we had something more,
We just didn't have the time to explore,
Now you've hurt me so deeply much,
I don't think I'll ever miss your touch,
One last thing you have to know,
That words past said, did just flow,
I guess the last thing I should say,
Is I Love You Anyway.
BY Kristina R Hansen


shilpi dutta said... Reply To This Comment

parting is painful :-(

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