Just The Thought Of You

My life is so dark, grim, and cold,
I sit by myself, I've got no one to hold. 
 I see everyone else with their significant other,
I wish I wasn't born, I curse my mother. 
 My life has no point, no meaning at all,
when I'm at home, I have no one to call. 
Then all of a sudden, I think of you,
the sun comes up, reflecting on the mourning dew. 
 Birds start to sing their happy song,
I feel like I could take on King Kong. 
 I am no longer sad, there is nothing I can't do.
And I feel this way, because I thought of you.
by Scott Thomas Moy 
Also See: Until I Met You 
                 Happy Rose Day - Poetry 


Karima Khan said... Reply To This Comment

very nice:)

Jay_Dave said... Reply To This Comment

 Thank You Karima... :)

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