Quotes About Love

I never really know how you feel
I can't read your mind
I just keep waiting...
Take me to your heart
Show me where to start
Let me play the part of your first love...
Oh, I know down deep you love me
But are you ever gonna love me
The way I love you?  


"“She is the love of my life, A Girl who
showed me what true passion is…
She ignited that dim flame in me and
turned it into a wild fire that will
never stop burning within me.”"

"If You Want Happinesss In Your Life..... Follow This... "Never Be a Beggar of Love.... Always be a Donor Of Love..."
"There is no surprise more magical than the surprise of being loved. It is God's finger on man's shoulder....."
"Love is like a real kiss... A real kiss is like coming home... You know that there, in that one place, you will always belong..."
"Closing an open wound is very imp for the healing process to begin..
You cant spend Your life with open wounds.......Ever...."

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                 Love Is...


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